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ECUSA: Presiding Bishop Gives Tacit Support to Same-Sex Marriages



By David W. Virtue

ECUSA's Presiding Bishop, Frank T. Griswold has weighed in on the national same-sex marriage debate, condemning President George W. Bush's endorsement of a proposed Federal Marriage Amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Griswold says he is concerned about the advisability of a constitutional amendment being put forth for discussion at this time. "Questions of sexuality are far from settled, and a constitutional amendment which was perceived as settling this matter might make it more difficult to engage in civil discourse around this topic."

The Presiding Bishop and other [revisionist] Episcopal bishops want "restraint and continued conversation" they say, but Griswold exercised no such restraint when he signed a statement with the Primates at Lambeth saying that the election of a practicing homosexual as bishop would damage the Anglican Communion. Before the ink was dry he participated as chief consecrator at the ordination and consecration of V. Gene Robinson, a communion breaking act that has rippled around the Anglican communion resulting in him being declared anathema in more than a third of the communion's provinces.

Frank Griswold lied to every Anglican primate in the communion by doing what he did, and his notion of "restraint" and "conversation" are buzz words for brokering in sodomy at every turn in the Episcopal road while urging Episcopalians of orthodox faith to be patient while he blind sides them time and again.

Their patience has run out.

It would be laughable, if it wasn't so tragic. Griswold's theobabble has resulted in the spiritual death of tens of thousands of Episcopalians who have bought into his mystic paganism, at the same most Episcopalians have never heard a saving word emanating from their parish pulpits. The closest many of them have come to an understanding of the atonement is to see Mel Gibson's movie The PASSION, and even that movie is being condemned by Melcontents in a number of dioceses, most notably the Diocese of Maine.

Revisionist bishops and clergy see the movie as a symbol of "hate" failing to uphold the wishy washy love and good feelings Jesus they have come to worship, the one who turns a blind eye to sin and who loves everybody inclusively regardless of how they behave. Above all Episcopalians don’t want a killjoy Jesus, preferring a pale Galilean who will bend to their will and not theirs to His.

Around the world The Episcopal Church is slowly being anathematized, made unwelcome in one province after another, while Griswold blindly stumbles along with his theobabble blather and mystic pagan views, confounding the spiritually blind and shutting the ears of those crying out for a salvific word.

An Episcopal News Service press release says the Episcopal Church…is presently engaged in conversations and debates about issues of human sexuality, and more particularly homosexuality and the public recognition of committed relationships between members of the same sex.

Nonsense. The Episcopal Church ended that "conversation" and "debate" last August when the ECUSA passed rites for same-sex blessings at its General Convention and said that a non-celibate homosexual could wear a miter.

Thousands of orthodox Episcopalians are no longer committed to continuing discussion and discernment around these questions because they know there is no "common mind" and there never will be one. Thousands said so at Plano and they are still saying it - the conversation is over.

Equal protection under the law and full civil rights for homosexual persons is not the issue; it's the behavior stupid.

Griswold and the bulk of the Episcopal Church has made up its mind and said that homosexual activity is no longer a sin. They have decided and resolved this against all
biblical, theological and 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian history.

For ECUSA they are settled. The deed has been done and unless there is a full repentance then ostracism and isolation from the world communion awaits it. And all the signs are that ECUSA is heading like the Titanic at full speed towards the Anglican iceberg.

Griswold drops this choice morsel. "As I support the honoring of differing perspectives within the Episcopal Church, equally, it is my strong hope that our national discourse during this political season will promote thoughtful and respectful conversation."

Rubbish. Griswold does not support "differing perspectives". He totally supports the lesbi-gay agenda whose individuals he sees as persecuted, and he doesn’t give a damn if the three dwindling Anglo-Catholic diocesan bishops disappear off the face of the earth so long as they leave their parishes to revisionist priests to take over when they go.

As for those narrow-minded Evangelicals, they can stay because they know how to make churches grow and they bring in the money which he needs to keep his revisionist pansexual agenda alive.

Griswold wants sweet reasonableness to reign so long as the deliberations lead to his pre-
determined conclusion that sodomy is good and right in the eyes of God. If perchance the long "deliberations" come up with the notion, God forbid, that sodomy is wrong and could lead to the death of your soul, he will gnash his teeth and stamp his little feet and yell foul.

What Griswold wants more than anything else is for America (and the Episcopal Church will pass a resolution to that effect) to become one vast pansexual playground where anybody can screw anybody, so long as no one gets hurt. They should pursue this agenda, of course, with all due "deliberation" and "reasonable" reflection. But do it.

Resolution C051 was the death knell on ECUSA and Robinson was the last nail in the coffin of a once proud denomination. All that remains is for someone to lower the coffin into the ground and pour dirt onto the theologically empty pine box.


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