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Diocese of Albany Promotes False Unity as it Abandons Biblical Marriage with Fly-in Bishop

Diocese of Albany Promotes False Unity as it Abandons Biblical Marriage with Fly-in Bishop

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 23, 2021

And so it came to pass, the Episcopal Diocese of Albany will get a bishop, Carol Gallagher, a woman bishop at that, who will provide what is euphemistically called "supplemental episcopal pastoral support", to allow the full implementation of resolution B012 - homosexual marriage -- thus surrendering to the therapeutic and heretical over sound teaching.

Of course, it was inevitable, and Bishop William Love was prescient to get out when he did. The Standing Committee tried to keep the fiction alive that it would never accept the resolution, but quickly reversed itself in a moment of spiritual luminosity, declaring the importance of diversity over Scripture. Of course, there was never a prayer that sooner or later they would fold in the face of the episcopal homosexual steamroller that brooks no opposition.

It was that LGBTQI steamroller that burned Bishop Love's letter to the diocese saying he would never accept B012. The burning of the letter made VOL's front page. You can read it here. https://virtueonline.org/hope-episcopal-churchs-failed-fallback-position

Of course, nobody really doubted that the diocese would go the way of all flesh, it was inevitable. For its sin, the diocese will be gone in less than a decade with aging, dying congregations; few if any young people are coming forward. Most of its priests are close to retirement. The only growth is in columbaria. Spiritual death leads to actual death from which there is no escape.

Putting lipstick on a pig, the present assisting bishop, one Michael Smith said, "While Carol and I differ on our theological views about whether Christian marriage is between two persons or between a man and a woman, we have been friends and colleagues for many years and have been able to focus on that which unites us rather than divides."

Actually, what divides them is a matter of spiritual life and death, but who's quibbling about the eternal consequences of lost souls?

The diocese recently lost one of a handful of remaining orthodox priests in the person of The Venerable Dr. Christopher A. Brown, who will join the Diocese of Dallas as Canon to the Ordinary. The Ven Dr. Leander Harding, Dean of the cathedral is the only remaining evangelical of any note in the diocese.

Gallagher, a bishop of infinite mediocrity, will now perform the homosexual marriage rites to ease the conscience of the nominally conservative bishop of North Dakota who parachuted in after Bishop Love resigned. Although orthodox on marriage, the arrangement was purely temporary, waiting for a more theologically promiscuous bishop to lead them into the promised land of full inclusion.

It is profoundly ironic that Gallagher, a member of the Cherokee nation, is opposed in her views by the Cherokee Tribal Council. While both the Cherokee marriage statute and wedding vows contain ambiguous language, by contrast, the tribal government's position is unambiguous and unequivocally opposed to same-sex marriage. Todd Hembree, the lawyer for the Cherokee Tribal Council, 9 appealed to both the legislature and the judiciary to prevent the marriage of two lesbians and the marriages of any other same-sex couples. Hembree drafted an amendment to the Cherokee marriage statute and submitted it to the legislature. On June 14, 2004, the Cherokee Tribal Council voted fifteen to zero in favor of defining marriage as between one male and one female.

Bishop Gallagher is going against her own tribal peoples' position! Has Gallagher succumbed to the white, heteronormative, patriarchal stance of her very own Church?

The diocese has gotten what it wants. Most of the conservative parishes have left and joined one of two ACNA dioceses, with the greater number joining the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word under Bishop Julian Dobbs, including a couple of former TEC bishops.

Of course, all this was inevitable. Inclusion is not inclusion as we learned many years ago. It only means those who will fully embrace pansexuality, excluding anyone of orthodox persuasion. The Great Lie will continue till the last nominally orthodox episcopal bishop is run out of town. The banality of evil will be complete.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will have his "beloved community", but it won't include those "beloved" of the Lord.


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