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October 28 2018 By dvirtue Matthew Shepard Is the World's Most Famous Gay Hate Crime Victim. But Was He Really Killed for Being Gay?

The interment comes 20 years after Shepard was found beaten and hanging on a wooden fence in Laramie, Wyoming. His assailants had pistol whipped him over a dozen times and set his body of fire. He'd been there, barely alive in the cold Wyoming October, for almost a full day before he was discovered. Just 21 years old and a student at the University of Wyoming, Shepard would die five days after his body was found, in a hospital.

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October 28 2018 By dvirtue We Shouldn't Just Shrug Our Shoulders at Political Correctness

Then, as we heard in Acts 13, whilst the church family in Antioch together with its prophets and teachers were worshipping the Lord and fasting, they received a message from the Holy Spirit. Saul and Barnabas were to be set apart for a work of the Lord to which they had been called by the Lord's Holy Spirit. This work was their first missionary journey, probably undertaken in around 48 AD.

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"We were burglarized this time by foreign agents. It's just as serious to me as the Cuban Missile Crisis in terms of an attack or the 9/11 attack. The president is taking the side of the people who attacked us.

"His performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht and it's really a serious issue that we need to deal with."

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October 14 2018 By dvirtue The Current Storm and the Evangelical Response

And, it compelled me to write on the subject in USAToday, but more on that in a moment.

Truth hurts

If we were to step back and look at the big picture, we may find some truth in the comparison Howard Dean is making. Evangelicals have, after all, aligned themselves strongly with the GOP and the current president in such a way that surprises many.

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October 11 2018 By dvirtue IRELAND: Christian bakers in 'gay cake' row did not discriminate against same-sex marriage activist, Supreme Court rules

The legal action was originally brought against family-run Ashers bakery in Belfast by gay rights activist Gareth Lee, who won his case initially in the county court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal.

Announcing the court's decision, its president, Lady Hale, said: "This conclusion is not in any way to diminish the need to protect gay people and people who support gay marriage from discrimination.

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October 08 2018 By dvirtue Freedom of Religion is real issue behind Kavanaugh Nomination to SCOTUS

Even if the clamour surrounding Kavanaugh's alleged willingness to repeal the pro-abortion decision in case Roe v. Wade is what the controversy has centred on, it would be hard to image Kavanaugh adopting an openly anti-abortion stance in the Supreme Court. In her impassioned speech in the Senate the night before the procedural vote, Sen.

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September 30 2018 By dvirtue How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don't

The Bible shows believers as holding important posts in pagan governments -- think of Joseph and Daniel in the Old Testament. Christians should be involved politically as a way of loving our neighbors, whether they believe as we do or not. To work for better public schools or for a justice system not weighted against the poor or to end racial segregation requires political engagement. Christians have done these things in the past and should continue to do so.

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September 29 2018 By dvirtue Azusa Pacific University's LGBT Compromise Will Damage Religious Freedom, Evangelicals Warn

"It's setting a precedent for legal pressure -- and worse -- on others," Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) told PJ Media on Tuesday.

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September 15 2018 By dvirtue Counselling and psychotherapy have become transgender propaganda mouthpieces

The guidance said:

"It is important not to assume, for example, that being a woman necessarily involves being able to bear children, or having XX sex chromosomes, or breasts."

It is screamingly obvious what is going on here. Transgender activists have been allowed to take over and redefine reality according to their own propaganda.

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September 14 2018 By dvirtue Same-Sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment. By Walter R. Schumm

Schumm, a professor of family studies at Kansas State University, looks at this research in great detail and shows that much of it is incomplete, skewed, selective, or politicised. Says Schumm, "In this book I will examine and report those outcomes in more detail than have most scholars.

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