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Continuing Anglican Churches Announce Formal Accord

Continuing Anglican Churches Announce Formal Accord

The following is an interjurisdictional letter of support issued by the four heads of the Continuing Anglican Church movement

Submitted by David W. Virtue DD
January 4, 2016

We the undersigned bishops of the Continuing Anglican churches, as indicated below, pledge to work cooperatively, in a spirit of brotherly love and affection, to create a sacramental union and commonality of purpose that is pleasing to God and in accord with godly service to our respective jurisdictions.

Additionally, we will endeavor to hold in concert our national and provincial synods in 2017. Our goal for this meeting will be to formalize a relationship of communio in sacris.

During the intervening period, we will work in full accord toward that end. We will seek ways to cooperate with each other, supporting each others' jurisdictions and communicating on a variety of ecclesiastical matters. We will maintain regular monthly communication by teleconference.

The Most Reverend Walter Grundorf, The Anglican Province of America
The Most Reverend Mark Haverland, The Anglican Catholic Church
The Right Reverend Paul C. Hewett, The Diocese of the Holy Cross
The Most Reverend Brian R. Marsh, The Anglican Church in America

The photo omits Bishop Hewitt and includes Presiding Bishop Peter Robinson of the UECNA. We regret the omission. To date rthe UECNA has not signed on to this accord. We will let you know when they do.

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