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Christianity versus Cultural Fundamentalism

Christianity versus Cultural Fundamentalism
'To play God you have to know what you're doing' Ursula Le Guin- "The Lathe of Heaven"

By Ladson F. Mills III
September 8, 2020

Black Lives Matter is a moral absolute. The Black Lives Matter movement is a 2013 created quasi Marxist organization openly committed to the destruction of the nuclear family and Judeo-Christian Values.

Joining with ANTIFA, the "BLM Movement" has taken a moral absolute and manipulated it into moral relevancy. The result is human life has been reduced to identity politics. All that remains is for those deemed impure to be sent to concentration camps bearing the slogan, "Work Brings Freedom".

If this seems hyperbolic review the critical role played by the "Brown Shirts" in the rise of Adolph Hitler. The black attire of Antifa and BLM is the modern-day equivalent of the Nazi Storm Trooper brown.

Douglas Murray, author of "The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity" pinpoints the massive changes that have occurred over the past twenty years in how virtue is perceived. For centuries Judeo-Christian principles dominated western culture, especially among democracies. Even those who were non-religious accepted what C. S. Lewis identified as Natural Law as the basis for morality.

But there was always a definitive qualification. Jesus taught that we are to love not only our neighbors but our enemies as well. Murray points out Jesus's admonition was like the elephant in the room. It stood above all and could not be dismissed even by those who chose not to embrace it.

But over the last two decades this radically changed. In today's culture to be virtuous one must continually espouse anti-racism. These proclamations must be vitriolic as though everyone else is a suspected racist.

Additionally, any female's accusations of sexual harassment must be accepted as true. This behavior was normalized by the United States Senate when it examined the High School annual of a Supreme Court Justice nominee over an accusation.

Any form of human sexuality hyped by LBGTQ community no matter how bizarre must be accepted as normality. But what is most disappointing has been how quickly the church has taken the bait.

Rather than encumbered by political partisanship Christians should be addressing deeper and more critical issues. We face a cultural fundamentalism that is evangelic in fervor and reinforced through invincible ignorance. It is assault on traditional families, children and the innocent by sinister and evil forces dedicated to dominating society. They cannot be allowed to prevail.

As for the mattering of Black Lives, do we really think that any reasonable person would dispute this?

A majority of Americans twice voted Barrack Obama to be President of the United States. In the last twenty years two distinguished Secretaries of State and Attorneys General have been black; two females and two males.

An African American currently serves as majority whip of the House of Representatives.

Has it escaped notice that a mixed-race female may soon be the next Vice-President of the United States? Her projected opponent for the 2024 Presidential election is a female ethnic Indian American whose father is a practicing Sikh.

Do we really believe that America is a systemic racist society?

Have we forgotten those who were healing the racial divide long before most of the current protestors were born? And it was achieved mainly without violently mobbing the weak and vulnerable to prove their point.

If indeed Antifa and BLM Movement are serious about confronting racism, they should renounce violence and consider embracing Christianity. Christianity may not have always gotten things right, but healing is part of our DNA.

It might prove useful to review the impact of the 19th Century British Evangelicals and American Abolitionist in ending the slave trade. In the American South, the Black Church was the mother of the civil rights movement. It was successfully led by The Revd. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who was inspired by the non-violence of Gandhi. They might be astonished at Christianity's impact on racial equality.

For those supporting LBGTQ rights it might be prudent to recall that it is Islamic theocracies who execute over sexual orientation. Christians may debate the validity of same sex -unions but we do not sanction the killing of homosexuals.

Douglas Murray reminds those concerned about human rights need only look at how the Central Committee of China has treated Hong Kong. So good luck with the Marxist angle.

It is time for the Church to openly challenge those boasting of having all the answers to respond to some hard questions. Clever phrases yelled through amplification and supported by acts of violence are no alternative for substance. Politicians may be easily cowed by such tactics, but people soon see what does not lie beneath the surface of posers.

Christians have wasted far too much energy joining the culture in futile attempts to eradicate sin through rules, regulation, and laws. Our petty differences have clouded our understanding that only Jesus Christ can save us from the disaster we face.

The world stands in desperation to receive the Good News.

If not from the Church, then from whom?

Ladson F. Mills III is priest with over thirty years pastoral experience. He is retired and lives with his wife in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of "Abandoned Shipmate: The Destruction of Coast Guard Captain Ernie Blanchard". He is a regular contributor to "Virtueonline" and "The Covert before us Letter".

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