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By David W. Virtue, DD
April 24, 2023

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was last seen at an optometrist's shop getting fitted for a new pair of specs. Thirteen-hundred delegates to the Anglicans gathered under the GAFCON banner (Global Anglican Future Conference) just served Welby with divorce papers. He needs the new glasses to examine what this "ginger group" (Welby's term) is saying about their leaving the Anglican Communion.

Some eleven Anglican primates who speak for 85 percent of practicing Anglicans in the global communion, delivered the "Kigali Commitment" to Canterbury over the weekend. This declaration claims that Welby no longer leads the Anglican Communion that he was selected to lead 10 years ago.

The chair of St Augustine is now empty, as far as these Anglican primates are concerned.

Welby is no longer Primus inter pares; first among equals. He is no longer the leader of 75 million Anglicans. He owns a dying segment of western Anglicans who will, by any statistical measure no longer exist by 2040.

Most of the western Anglican provinces are on the ropes, and while they have lots of money to, in the present moment, bribe orthodox provinces and dioceses to conform to the West's pansexual agenda, they are running out of people. The one exception is Southern Africa. They were bought and paid for by The Episcopal Church several decades ago.

History will reveal that The Episcopal Church will die the richest church in the world, with the wealthiest parish - Trinity Wall Street - left, a spiritually hollowed-out church while taking in millions from properties they own.

Demographically, the average age of an Episcopalian is about 67, though one report has it at 69. No matter, the columbaria will fill up as the pews empty, and the sugar plum fairy has taken the last empty whiskey bottles away. After all, the term whiskeypalian did not appear out of thin air. The country's elite graced the drawing rooms and city clubs of the powerful and rich who kept the coffers filled.

Endless talk of climate change while TEC bishops fly around the world in planes that seriously pollute the atmosphere is of no matter. One must assemble in holy huddles, now deemed sacred spaces complete with miters, to earnestly look at brightly colored manifestos on how we are wrecking the world, while intoning the collect for the day.

Welby has, quite simply, lost the plot. From his early ALPHA evangelical days, he has become a hater of evangelicals, that body of believers who now stand in defiance of him and his Johnny-come-lately revisionism. Like childhood faith that blossoms into heterodoxy in later life as the pull of the world, its values and morals change, so Welby has moved with the times, succumbing to the bliss of newfound sexual knowledge that preempts the sacred text of scripture.

He is a little man whose passive aggressive behavior reveals a tortured soul who can charm at one level and then be reduced to fits of anger at anyone who opposes his agenda. That is not leadership. It is his way or the highway.

He opined on the GAFCON statement that the Instruments of Communion would deal with their concerns. He did not realize that the GAFCON archbishops had delivered a coup d'etat, no longer recognizing him or the Instruments that so bend to his will.

The Archbishop said at the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Ghana (ACC-18) that no changes to the formal structures of the Anglican Communion can be made unless they are agreed upon by the Instruments of Communion.

In rejecting Welby, himself, the GAFCON primates also rejected the Instruments of Communion. Those Instruments, like Welby are now extraneous and irrelevant in the debate. To Whom Shall We Go, cried delegates to GAFCON. Well, it won't be to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The divorce papers have been delivered. The only issue is whether Welby will voluntarily give up Lambeth Palace for leaner living quarters and his replacement, hopefully, will be someone of more orthodox persuasion. Time will tell.


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