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By David W. Virtue, DD
January 5, 2023

Will the Living in Love and Life (LLF) report on Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage, if passed by the Church of England synod be a game changer for both the Church of England and the wider Anglican communion?

If homosexual marriage is embraced by the Church of England, will it be the line in the sand for orthodox Anglican believers in the wider Anglican communion?

Will the CofE ordain its first openly homosexual bishop, repeating the action of the Episcopal Church in consecrating Gene Robinson, thus increasing the tear in the Anglican Communion? (For the record, in 2016, it was made public that the Church of England had consecrated Nicholas Chamberlain, Bishop suffragan of Grantham, knowing he is gay and in a long-term same-sex relationship. Chamberlain, who is a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, is the first Anglican bishop in England to come out as gay. He claims his relationship is celibate.)

Documenting the continued deterioration and decline of western Anglican provinces, specifically TEC, the Anglican Church of Canada, The Church in Wales, the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Church of England.

We will report the continued rise in both numbers, power and authority of GAFCON and the GSFA. We will document what will come from The GAFCON IV conference meeting in Rwanda later this year.

We will document the shrinking power and authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury as he continues being isolated and alienated by Global South primates because he is perceived as heretical in his views on sexuality and Scripture.

We will follow the continued push by pansexualists and the LGBTQ community to influence both Archbishop Justin Welby and the Global South, using money from TEC and Trinity Wall Street.

We will report the continued merging of dioceses in The Episcopal Church and the need to spin it that God is doing a new thing, though no one knows exactly what that is or looks like. We will tell about the need for dioceses to sell off their headquarters as money from parishes slowly dries up. To date, eight dioceses have sold their headquarters, with the national church headquarters in New York still open for business, though a resolution was passed by the Deputies at the 2012 General Convention to sell it.

Watching to see Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry flame out over his failed revival campaigns.

Watching to see more Episcopal bishops leave TEC over the gay marriage resolution and join the ACNA.

Will this be the year that GAFCON and GSFA join forces and create a permanent front, if not a break with Lambeth, Canterbury and Welby over the authority of scripture on faith and order in the Communion?

As the west sinks slowly into the sunset, aided and abetted by the woke left, will TEC and the ACoC realize that by emulating the world's values on issues like human sexuality that they have lost the plot and reverse course? This is a remote possibility, but desperation has set in, signaled by Bishop Curry's revivals which to date have not produced any new converts.

Reporting on who and what will be cancelled in the Anglican Communion in 2023.


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