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Anglican Primate Linda Nicholls urges Government of Canada to Ban Conversion Therapy

Anglican Primate Linda Nicholls urges Government of Canada to Ban Conversion Therapy

By David W. Virtue, DD
November 20, 2020

The Anglican Church of Canada's Primate, Linda Nicholls has written to Canada's Minister of Justice to voice her support for Bill C-6, a bill which would criminalize conversion therapy.

If this should pass, a therapist, psychotherapist, counsellor or psychiatrist who agrees to help someone resist unwanted same-sex attraction would be committing a criminal act and face fines and possible jail time.

At a deeper level it is a fundamental denial of free speech. So, a person who experiences same-sex attraction has no choice but to accept his or her unwanted attractions. Let me repeat: no choice. The reason for this, the Primate tells us, is because to allow the person a choice would be an affront to his or her dignity, even abusive.

As David of Samizdat, a Canadian blogger noted, "At the same time, the Primate has, in her multi-letter rainbow spectrum, a letter "T" secreted between the letters "B" and "Q". "T" stands for "Transgender", a person who chooses to assert that his sex differs from the category imposed on him by his chromosomes. We are all expected to go along with this choice, this fantasy: to do otherwise would be an affront to his dignity and, possibly a criminal act. The Primate fully supports, welcomes, applauds and embraces this choice. Do you see the problem?"

In her letter to The Honourable David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Nicholls writes; "Our faith tradition affirms the dignity of all persons, including those persons across the LGBTQ2SIA+ spectrum. We recognize that members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ communities continue to disproportionately experience marginalization, family estrangement, and exclusion in a predominantly heterosexual and gender-binary culture, negating this dignity which we know God to have given to all. Conversion therapy seeks to change core elements of individuals by attempting to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. The ACC does not support this dangerous and abusive practice."

In 2010, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada passed a resolution calling on the church at all levels to "embrace the outcast and stand against the abuse and torment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. It is in the spirit of this resolution that today we stand against the harmful practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ2SIA+ persons in Canada. Such practices are hostile to a person's identity and an affront to their dignity."

REALLY! Clearly, Mrs. Nicholls has never been around people who believe otherwise and who are doing their utmost (voluntarily) to rid themselves of homosexual attractions.

I sat with a group of young men, a number of years ago in the basement of a church in central London. They had come from across the continent, including England. They had come, without coercion, to open themselves up to face their fears and attractions. No one twisted their arms.

They opened themselves up to two very famous therapists. One was Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. who has practiced psychoanalysis and psychiatry for two decades. He is a former Fellow in Psychiatry at Yale University and past president of the Jung Foundation. He is also a Jew. He has written several books including "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth." Satinover has more experience with psychotic disorders than other specialist in his area.

The other person was the late reparative therapist, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who has helped hundreds of men break free from homosexuality. He was so successful with his ministry in California, that Amazon bowed to long term pressure from homosexual activists and banned the late reparative therapist's books. Dr. Nicolosi was a Roman Catholic.

I was permitted to watch and listen to men pouring out their souls about their experiences with their fathers and mothers, the relationships they had tumbled into with other men, and wishing with all their heart that they could change.

There was no coercion or manipulation, or miracles that day, but later when I talked with some of the men, they said they that felt for the first that they were "on the road" towards heterosexuality because they had come to identify the causes of their homosexual attractions. I felt deeply honored to be among these men and to listen to their stories. It was a small light in the tunnel of their unwanted homosexual desires. God bless them.

And these are the men that Nicholls would like to prevent healing because of what she called "the damaging effects of conversion therapy." And this from a woman who is watching as her Church is on suicide watch, with less than 100,000 Anglicans in a population of 38 million, killed off by the very things she believes will make it grow and prosper. By all estimates, the ACC will cease to exist in two decades. It is being killed off by a combination of bad theology, a failure to preach the gospel and COVID.

As Satinover in his book writes; "It is an abuse of psychiatry to abridge the freedom of patients to seek help for a condition that they may find intolerable. If they do not have psychotherapists to turn to, their despair increases. Not to offer them help is to be untruthful, cruel, and intellectually dishonest."

Archbishop Nicholls might want to reflect on these words.


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