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Spiritual realities being ignored

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
July 26, 2022

Anglicanism has much to give the world. There is beautiful liturgy presented in a beautiful lilting language. Beautiful architecture built to stand a thousand years. Beautiful music and the Anglican Chant. The desire to fulfill Jude 3 to maintain the Faith once delivered through the Anglican Formularies. The Four Instruments of Unity and the Lambeth Conference designed to help ensure that all are "of one heart and of one soul, united in one holy bond of truth and peace, of faith and charity" that all "may with one mind and one mouth glorify God."

But even as the bishops, from around the globe, are winging their way to London, it is quite evident that they are not of one heart or of one mind or one soul united in the holy bond of truth and in the peace of faith and Philos -- fraternal love.

What the world is seeing is seeing is the unhappy divisions, the discord, and confusion, the pride and arrogance of very selfish people. It is a people concerned only about their own personal wants without regard for the welfare -- the spiritual well-being -- of the greater whole.

Once the Lambeth Calls were released, a pained cry was heard -- a lion's roar, an elephant's trumpeting -- echoing and re-echoing coming from around the world. The bishops are not even in England and they brought the Archbishop of Canterbury to his knees to where the "Lambeth Calls" -- the repurposed Lambeth Resolutions -- are already being tweaked, even before they are even being openly discussed in the Council of the Church gathered.

This lack of unity, this lack of fraternal brotherhood, this lack of mutual understanding is being played out on the world stage via Twitter and Facebook, bishops' blogs, and diocesan web pages.

Not only is the Anglican Communion's slip showing, she is prepared to launder her dirty linen on the world stage for all to see and hear.

It is gearing up to be a brutal fight and the linchpin is Lambeth 1.10 -- the universal call for biblical morality. It is the call to follow the Holy Writ because that is God's design for marriage and the family to flourish.

Are the prayers for Lambeth Conference falling on deaf ears?

Almighty and everlasting God, Who by Thy Holy Spirit didst preside in the Council of the blessed Apostles, and hast promised, through Thy Son Jesus Christ, to be with Thy Church to the end of the world; We beseech Thee to be with the Council of Thy Church (Lambeth Conference) assembling in Thy Name and Presence. Save the bishops from all error, ignorance, pride, and prejudice; and of Thy great mercy vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, so to direct, sanctify, and govern the bishops in their work, by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost, that the comfortable Gospel of Christ may be truly preached, truly received, and truly followed, in all places, to the breaking down the kingdom of sin, Satan, and death; till at length the whole of Thy dispersed sheep, being gathered into one fold, shall become partakers of everlasting life ...

What about the prayer for the church; is that being merely mouthed rather than prayed?

Gracious Father, we humbly beseech Thee for Thy Holy Church; that Thou wouldst be pleased to fill her with all truth, in all peace. Where she is corrupt, purify her; where she is in error, direct her; where in anything she is amiss, reform her. Where she is right, establish her; where she is in want, provide for her; where she is divided, reunite her ...

Anglicans can only hang their heads in shame as they see their church, their Communion, being shredded and torn asunder by the undisciplined desires of those whose physical fulfillments are more important than the spiritual realities -- life and death, heaven or hell.

The question is: Will the Anglican Communion be slaughtered like the sheep outside the sheepfold at Lambeth 2022?

Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas. She is a regular contributor to VirtueOnline

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