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ACNA Church joins ADOTT

ACNA Church joins ADOTT
Christ the King Anglican Church, College park, MD, USA of the Diocese of Living Word -- ACNA (Formally CANA EAST) joins another Diocese.

August 8, 2023

"After a period of discernment and prayers we decided to transition to the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity" says the Church warden.

The Church held congregational and vestry meetings and voted unanimously to join the new Diocese. A formal letter or notification was sent to the Diocesan Bishop The Rt Rev Jullian Dobbs and with a copy to the ACNA leadership seeking their blessings on the move. We also submitted a formal application to join ADOTT. We have received provisional acceptance to join ADOTT.

The Rector of the Church, The Rev Zenith Benson says he and his congregation are excited to be part of the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity (ADOTT). We appreciate the support received and relationship built while at ADLW; we look forward to building new fellowship in the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity (ADOTT). No doubt we will miss our friends at the Diocese of the Living Word (ACNA), we are moving on to join the mission of the Church of Nigeria in North America. ADOTT is a diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

The Rector attended the closing service of the 2nd session of the 4th synod of ADOTT July 23, 2023 as a sign of strong commitment to the new diocese, The move to ADOTT aligns with our focus, core values, vision and commitments to the Lord Jesus.

The Diocesan Bishop of ADOTT, The Rt Rev Olukayode Adebogun PhD welcomes the church to the Diocese and pray their presence will be blessings to the body of Christ. The mission of ADOTT is to build a Christ-centered, multicultural, multiracial, Bible-based church that believes in the apostolic teaching and is sensitive to human needs with a clear vision to harvest the world for Christ.

Commenting on this departure, ADLW Bishop Julian Dobbs had this to say: "Christ the King Anglican Church has been a valued and cherished member of the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word, and we will miss them, and they too have stated they will miss us. They depart with Bishop Julian's full blessing, and we are certain that the Lord will use them and their Rector, Fr. Zenith Benson Nwebo, to accomplish big things for the cause of the Gospel. While the parish has formally closed a canonical relationship with the diocese, the departure has been warm and fond on both sides of the conversation. We will be forever grateful for the investment that Christ the King Anglican Church and Fr. Zenith have poured into the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word, and we know they will be a valued and profitable member of the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity moving forward."

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