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Women Bishops Continue to Grow in Numbers in The Episcopal Church

Women Bishops Continue to Grow in Numbers in The Episcopal Church
Listed here are all the Episcopal dioceses which currently have had, or will have women bishops and why
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has called for more women bishops and bishops of color to lead the Episcopal Church into the future

Compiled by Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent & Research Assistant
July 31, 2019

2019 TEC Women Bishops Historical Assignments

ARIZONA: Jennifer Riddall -- IV Diocesan (2019-Present).

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA: Audrey Scanlan -- XI Diocesan (2015-Present).

CENTRAL NEW YORK: DeDe Duncan-Probe -- XI Diocesan (2016-Present).

COLORADO: Kymberly Lucas -- XI Diocesan (2019-Present).

CONNECTICUT: Laura Ahrens -- Suffragan (2007-Persent).

EASTERN MICHIGAN: Catherine Waynick -- Provisional (2017-Present).

EASTERN OREGON: Nedi Rivera -- Provisional (2009-2015).

EL CAMINO REAL: Mary Gray-Reeves -- III Diocesan (2007-Present); Lucinda Ashby -- IV Diocesan-elect (Enthronement - January 2020).

INDIANAPOLIS: Catherine Waynick -- X Diocesan (1997-2017); Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows -- XI Diocesan (2017-Present).

KANSAS: Cathleen Bascom -- X Diocesan (2019-Present).

LEXINGTON: Chilton Knudsen -- Interim (2011-2012).

LONG ISLAND: Chilton Knudsen -- Assistant (2014-2015).

LOS ANGELES: Diana Bruce --Suffragan (2010-Present); Mary Glasspool (Lesbian) -- Suffragan (2010-2016); Catherine Roskam -- Assisting (2012-Present).

MAINE: Chilton Knudsen -- VIII Diocesan (1998-2008).

MARYLAND: Heather Cook -- (Deposed) Suffragan (2014-2015); Chilton Knudsen -- Assistant (2015-2018).

MASSACHUSETTS: Barbara Harris -- Suffragan (1989-2002); Gayle Harris -- Suffragan (2003-Present); Carol Joy Gallagher -- Canon for the Central Region (2018-Present).

MICHIGAN: Bonny Perry -- (Lesbian) XI Diocesan-elect (Enthronement - February 2020).

MONTANA: Carol Joy Gallagher -- Native American Ministries (2014-2018); Marty Stebbins X Diocesan-elect (Enthronement - December 2019).

NEW YORK: Catherine Roskam -- Suffragan (1996-2011); Chilton Knudsen -- Assistant (2013-2014); Mary Glasspool -- Assistant (2016-Present).

NEVADA: Katharine Jefferts-Schori -- III Diocesan (2006-2015).

NEWARK:Carol Joy Gallagher -- Assistant (2005-2007); Carlye Hughes -- XI Diocesan (2018-Present).

NORTH CAROLINA: Anne Hodges-Copple --Suffragan (2013-2015 & 2017-Present) and Pro Tempore (2015-2017).

NORTH DOKOTA: Carol Joy Gallagher -- Assistant (2008-2014).

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Megan Tarquair -- VIII Diocesan (2019-Present).

OLYMPIA: Nedi Rivera -- Suffragan (2005-2010).

RHODE ISLAND: Geralyn Wolf -- XII Diocesan (1996-2012).

SAN DIEGO: Katharine Jefferts-Schori -- Transitional (2017-2019); Susan Brown Snook -- V Diocesan (2019-Present).

SOUTHERN OHIO: Nedia Rivera -- Assisting (2010-Present).

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA: Carol Joy Gallagher -- Suffragan (2002-2005).

SPOKANE: Gretchen Rehberg -- XI Diocesan (2017-Present).

TEXAS: Dena Harrison -- Suffragan (2006-2018); Kathryn Ryan -- Suffragan (2019-Present).

UTAH: Carolyn Irish -- X Diocesan (1996-2010).

VIRGINIA: Susan Goff -- Suffragan (2012-Present).

VERMONT: Mary McLeod -- IX Diocesan (1993-2001); Shannon MacVean-Brown -- XI Diocesan-elect (Enthronement - September 2019).

WASHINGTON, DC: Jane Dixon -- Suffragan (1992-2000) & Pro Tempore (2001-2002); Barbara Harris -- Assisting (2003-2007); Mariann Budde --IX Diocesan (2011-Present); Chilton Knudsen -- Assisting (2019-Present).

WEST TENNESSEE: Phoebe Roaf -- IV Diocesan (2019-Present).

WEST TEXAS: Jennifer Brooke-Davidson --Suffragan (2017-Prsent).

CHURCHWIDE: Katharine Jefferts Schori -- XXVI Presiding Bishop (2006-2015).

There is no evidence that women bishops have been any more successful at making churches grow than their progressive male counterparts.


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