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While Westminster bickers over Lee Anderson, thugs are sending death threats to Reform

While Westminster bickers over Lee Anderson, thugs are sending death threats to Reform
The contrast could not be clearer. Our politicians are playing wordgames rather than dealing with the growing threat

27 February 2024

Our nation stands on the precipice. The threat to our way of life and democracy could not be clearer, with the British public looking on in despair.

Weekend after weekend, the people of our great country witness what looks like a once respected police force pandering in fear to extreme Islamists and anti-Semites on the streets of our capital city. Placards displaying hateful symbols have almost become the norm as our police officers too often stand by and do nothing. Slogans are projected on Big Ben as they stand and watch.

Two tiered policing has emboldened those who oppose the core values of our nation. The Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police boss Sir Mark Rowley have allowed this to happen in our capital, but it is happening elsewhere too.

Britain has many proud principles, but the most precious is our democracy. We have endured wars, civil unrest and centuries of struggle to ensure the people of this country have political representation. Today, this is under threat. Politicians live in fear of attack and the speaker of the House of Commons has even broken with tradition in a craven surrender to Islamists.

The Reform Party is sadly now the target of some attempted intimidation tactics. Our candidate in the up-coming Rochdale by-election has received racist death threats on social media, our supporters have warned of threats that their businesses will be firebombed, and our staff and volunteers have been left terrified by harassment from thugs.

And where are our so-called political leaders? They're too busy arguing around Westminster word games to contemplate what might happen if they refuse to confront this emerging threat.

If the enemies of democracy feel emboldened, it is hardly surprising. If they feel as if they are above the rule of law, it is because they've had months of the police backing down and letting them do as they will. Our cowardly politicians seem to fear civil unrest if they intervene - and so they avoid it. They hesitate to take action when anti-Semitic slogans are chanted in the streets. They refuse to crack down when teachers are sent into hiding by death threats. And they refuse to act when Parliament is intimidated into changing its rules.

Britain needs a national conversation. But it is not over whether we are a racist, Islamophobic country. We need a national strategy for defeating Islamism, and eradicating it in public life.

But this Government will not do it. It lacks the principle, backbone or belief to stand up for our precious democracy. The speed with which Lee Anderson was punished for a clumsily worded expression of concern stands in stark contrast to the way anti-British hatred is allowed week after week on the streets of our capital.

Reform UK will not sit back idly as the other political parties will. We will not stay quiet when our candidates and hardworking activists and supporters are threatened. We will stand up for the British people. We believe our precious democracy is worth battling to protect, together with our way of life. We are ready to save Britain.


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