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Western Anglicanism Will Be Forced to Capitulate to The Global South

Western Anglicanism Will Be Forced to Capitulate to The Global South


By David W. Virtue, DD
September 13, 2022

At some point in the not-too-distant future, it will dawn on Archbishop Justin Welby that he no longer owns the Anglican communion; no longer has the moral authority to throw his weight around with the vast majority of Anglicans failing to care what he thinks or says.

His two-prong approach to pansexuality at the recent Lambeth Conference was a logical, cultural, spiritual and theological farce. As a result, Welby has lost the last vestiges of whatever spiritual authority he had, slipping finally into irrelevancy progenitors paved for him by former archbishops Rowan Williams, Robin Eames, (of Windsor Report fame) Frank Griswold, (the "listening" Presiding Bishop), all leaders of its eventual demise. Such archbishops who led the slow dissolution should not go unrecognized. Welby inherited the mess and will go down with the ship.

Of course, it was hastened by former Nigerian primate Peter Akinola who wrote the book, Who Blinks First? Biblical Fidelity Against the Gay Agenda in the Global Anglican Communion. That book was a slam dunk at Rowan Williams who told the African primate he would blink first over the Anglican Communion's inevitable acceptance of homosexuality. It never happened. Both sides became more entrenched in their views.

That Justin Welby got major push back at the recent Lambeth Conference by a Sudanese and Indian Ocean archbishop revealed the thorn in his side. He has been limping along ever since, hoping that individual provinces will confirm his notion that the "call" on homosexuality will work magic where resolutions have not. But Lambeth 1:10 remains the biblical standard. There is no going back. There will be no magic.

It is the big lie of course that Scripture can be twisted to suit the sexual tastes of a handful of pansexualists, and that God has somehow changed His mind. Already GAFCON Chairman Foley Beach has pushed back not once but twice, which speaks volumes. Archbishop Beach is not remotely intimidated by Welby. He is quite happy to hit back and hit hard when called for.

"Some may unfairly slander us as schismatics, but you know that in reality it is those who depart from the established teaching of the Church who are causing the division (Epistle of Jude 18, 19)," wrote Beach to Welby.

Beach had previously said he would not attend the Lambeth Conference even if invited as a full delegate because Lambeth had invited bishops in sinful relationships. "We cannot endorse this behavior by our participation."

Despite all the fine language, 'your grace' this and 'your grace' that, the message was clear, 'you Welby are leading people astray, even to hell, by not affirming the biblical position on human sexuality.'

It's possible, of course, that Welby no longer believes in hell and that homosexuals will inherit the kingdom because God has finally caught up to the 21st century. Welby seems to think that God got a sexual refresher course from Bishop Gene Robinson and the lesbian bishop of New York, Mary Glasspool, and whatever closeted homosexual bishops lurk in the Church of England waiting to out their preferred sexuality, thus entering into the glorious freedom of the sexually liberated led by the Anglican child of lesbos, Jayne Ozanne herself.

That a bunch of Aussies had the gall to form a GAFCON diocese within days of the Lambeth Conference's ending, indicates that they had not lost the fire of their convict forbears. They are willing to step outside the box and stick it to revisionists in Australia and the occupant of Lambeth palace.

Welby, of course, can't say he didn't see it coming; it's been coming on for years. Despite his nasty retort that GAFCON is a "ginger group", it's the ginger beer he is drinking laced with spiritual cyanide that is undoubtedly giving him theological heartburn.

Ludicrously the outgoing secretary-general of the Anglican Consultative Council Nigerian Archbishop Josiah Fearon tried to spin the nonappearance of the three African primates at Lambeth as "political".

"Politics, not theology" was behind the absence of Nigerian, Rwandan, and Ugandan bishops, Pat Ashworth of Church Times was told by Fearon.

"The different stances on sexuality in the Anglican Communion are more to do with politics than theology, said the outgoing secretary-general" at a final press conference in London.

He was sorry for those Provinces -- Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda -- whose bishops had chosen to stay away from the Lambeth Conference. "It was an opportunity to see what we are as a family," he said, speaking of the "real dialogue" that had taken place in Canterbury. "The essence of dialogue is not to convert or to convince anyone, but to learn to listen. . . I describe it as cross-culturalisation, moving into another person's culture without losing your own."

Fearon knows full well that it is not political, it is primarily a theological rejection of resolution 1:10 that kept them away. One has only to read the statements repeatedly made by Nigerian Primate Henry Ndukuba and his fellow African archbishops. These archbishops have repeatedly said they would never sit down in the same room, nor would they take holy communion with bishops who willfully embrace (homo)sexual, unrepentant sin.

Western Anglicanism is sinking into the ocean of irrelevancy. Demographics, a redefined evangelism, (see Michael Curry), institutionalism, organizational wonkery, anti-racism, all in the name of cultural Marxism while overreaching with safeguarding tactics, all spells death for the Church of England. It will be topped off by the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) report intended to provide resources for Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage and how they attempt to fit within the bigger picture of the good news of Jesus Christ. Sadly, the LLF report will officially broker pansexuality into the church which will officially negate any talk of "good news" of Jesus Christ. The two are mutually exclusive.

Hope for gospel proclamation in England lies outside the established church.

So where is all this going?

Next year when GAFCON meets in Rwanda, representing the bulk of the Anglican communion, it will become apparent to Welby that he has lost the plot and the communion.

GAFCON will affirm the gospel in clear apostolic terms, call people to faith in Jesus Christ, declare that sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is sin, call sinners to repentance and press for global evangelism and discipleship.

It is an ageless, timeless message, even repetitive...'been there, heard that.' But it is the message that will save the world, but not, it seems Western Anglicanism.


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