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August 13 2004 By virtueonline AMIA: Formation of Three New Prishes Announced

“There are a lot of young families moving in, and our people are excited by the opportunities for ministry here,” said the Rev. Christian Ruch, the church's mew priest and pastor. “The opportunity for a church ‘plant’ to have its own building is unusual, but when it became available and we saw that we could actually put something together, we knew that it would be foolish not to go forward.”

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August 12 2004 By virtueonline OKLAHOMA: Bishop makes major gaffe in letter to Pittsburgh Bishop

Moody accused Duncan of assigning the recent graduate of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry to this parish "as the moderator of the Anglican Communion Network."

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August 12 2004 By virtueonline VIRGINIA: Rev. "Bo" Bows out of ECUSA. New AMIA Congregation formed

And so the end came for the rector, wardens, vestry and the whole
congregation of the 100-year old Grace Episcopal Church on June 14,
2004, "Bo" told Virtuosity.

"We didn't leave right away, we wanted to be sure, but the voice of the
people was unanimous they voted with their feet to go."

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August 11 2004 By virtueonline SOUTHERN AFRICA: Ndungane Blames Church For "Destructive Theology" On AIDS

In the paper, extracts of which were released to media on Thursday, Ndungane, who is spiritual head of millions of Anglicans in southern Africa, called for an "exceptional response to an exceptional crisis".

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August 09 2004 By virtueonline SOUTHERN OHIO: Orthodox Priest Resigns Parish. Bishop Outlaws Network

The Evangelical rector of St. Paul's resigned last week and will plant a new church and conduct the first worship service for Chillicothe Anglican Fellowship an Anglican Mission in America church at 90 N. Paint Street, Chillicothe.

A first service on Sunday at a store front Christian cafe in downtown Chillicothe drew 75 worshippers mostly from St. Paul's.

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August 08 2004 By virtueonline Anglican Communion's next Secretary General says Church is about Community

Frank Griswold talks endlessly about community, even as the House of Bishops is coming apart at the seams.

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August 07 2004 By virtueonline LONDON: Telegraph Editorial Blasts Nazir-Ali as Possible Successor to Hope

The Telegraph opined that Michael Nazir-Ali of Rochester, an Evangelical, was singularly unsuitable because he "made a fool of himself by pushing himself forward for Canterbury."

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August 06 2004 By virtueonline URGENT APPEAL

So it is with the cyber journal Virtuosity. I for one think it’s essential, especially in these days of great turmoil, reformation, and realignment in the Anglican Communion. I am guilty of taking Virtuosity for granted. I expect to receive the Virtuosity Digest in my inbox every few days now because David has been giving us increased coverage and analysis with so much happening in the Church on a daily basis. In fact I usually check the website daily to be sure I haven’t missed something.

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August 06 2004 By virtueonline PUERTO RICO: Bishop Fires Orthodox Priest

"I am not surprised at what this bishop has done. He is no lover of the gospel, and he hates people who are orthodox," he told Virtuosity. "I rejoice in my martyrdom." The priest said he was fired on July 23 and is now on vacation but will not return September 1.

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August 05 2004 By virtueonline MISSOURI: Gay marriage ban approved by voters, nixed by Episcopal bishop

Vicky Hartzler, a spokeswoman for the Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri. "This is a message of the heart, and here in the Heartland, we value marriage. I'm very gratified and encouraged and thankful that the people of this state understand our current policy's a wise public policy and they want to see it protected from a legal challenge," she said.

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