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August 06 2004 By virtueonline PUERTO RICO: Bishop Fires Orthodox Priest

"I am not surprised at what this bishop has done. He is no lover of the gospel, and he hates people who are orthodox," he told Virtuosity. "I rejoice in my martyrdom." The priest said he was fired on July 23 and is now on vacation but will not return September 1.

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August 05 2004 By virtueonline MISSOURI: Gay marriage ban approved by voters, nixed by Episcopal bishop

Vicky Hartzler, a spokeswoman for the Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri. "This is a message of the heart, and here in the Heartland, we value marriage. I'm very gratified and encouraged and thankful that the people of this state understand our current policy's a wise public policy and they want to see it protected from a legal challenge," she said.

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August 03 2004 By virtueonline The Futile journey of The Three Not So Wise Men

"The purpose of the trip is to have conversations with African bishops in the context of the current tensions in the Anglican Communion. We hope to build relationships that can strengthen our communion in Christ, even as we aware of differences."

Pressler says that formal statements publicized by many parties are not as good as "face-to-face conversation." The trip is being pushed by Frank Griswold ECUSA's Presiding Bishop who is now persona non grata in most of Africa.

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August 01 2004 By virtueonline EGYPT: Anglicans Embrace Alpha

"The Alpha course can reach nominal Christians who don't go to any church in Egypt. Try it, and it will bear fruit."

The Anglican bishop warned church leaders that welcoming newcomers may lead to tough choices for existing congregations - and he recommended that they tell their church council.

"When you start Alpha, youth will come to your church. They will come with their problems. They will come with clapping and noise."

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July 31 2004 By virtueonline NIGERIA: Primate Blasts New Anglican Communion Appointment - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

"You will recall that when the Primates met in a private session at the Primates' Meeting, Gramado, Brazil, I expressed the view of many of us with regards to how the ACC secretariat was staffed."

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July 30 2004 By virtueonline CONNECTICUT: Bishop Threatens Canonical Initiatives to Orthodox Rectors

The rectors of two other parishes taking part in the joint DEPO request are also under potential discipline from the bishop, having received the same pastoral directive from Bishop Smith via certified letter. He sternly insisted that they meet with him individually at his office. While an original deadline had been set for July 24, conflicting vacation schedules resulted in a delay.

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July 29 2004 By virtueonline COLORADO: Newspaper article provokes heated debate in troubled diocese

Traditionalists say the drop in donations is meant to send a message to the bishop that he must repent of his support of same-sex blessings and practicing gay clergy in the diocese.

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July 29 2004 By virtueonline CENTRAL GULF COAST: The Deconstruction of a Diocese

The Rev. Dr. David McDowell-Fleming thinks he knows what the problems are and he may be right. The priest is no arm-chair systems management wonk. He's an active priest in the diocese and holds a Ph.D. on the whole subject of institutional management. He's also a deeply committed orthodox and Evangelical Catholic priest, a graduate of Duke University Divinity School and General Theological Seminary and he has been in the thick of things in that diocese for more than 17 years.

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July 25 2004 By virtueonline EASTERN MICHIGAN: Three Orthodox Rectors Resign in Diocese. Others weigh options

"It's a disaster," said one of the priests, "the bishop has no idea what he is doing. He just doesn't get it. This is a new diocese and he is its first bishop. He will probably be its last. There is no future here. No gospel is being proclaimed, and in time it will all die. The diocese was formed in the Nineties and already has financial problems."

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July 23 2004 By virtueonline UGANDA: ECUSA Missionary Couple Axed Over Robinson Consecration

"We feel very strongly that God intends for us to remain in Uganda to continue the work we have been doing since 1998. It is clear that we can no longer serve as Appointed Missionaries from ECUSA, but we are assured that the Lord will faithfully provide for our ministry through other means," said Leber in a personal note to Virtuosity.

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