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UK 2050: Grace's story under dominant Islam

UK 2050: Grace's story under dominant Islam

By Julian Mann
Sept. 29, 2017

In this extract from a book by Julian Mann due to be published by Evangelical Press (http://epbooks.org/) in October about the escalating political challenges facing Bible-believing Christians in Britain, a fictional Christian woman tells her story about the nation under dominant Islam in 2050:

My name is Fatima, but I was baptised as Grace. I was born into a British Christian family of West Indian origin in south London in 2015.

Britain became a Muslim country in 2040. In 2030 the banking system of what was then the United Kingdom collapsed and the government no longer had the financial resources to shore up the high street banks. Unlike in the 2008 crash when the UK government was able to inject money into the banks, this time around there really were angry queues at the cash points with people unable to get their money out.

Because of its overwhelming debt the British government could no longer borrow on the international money markets. They initially turned to the United States of America for a national emergency loan but this was refused because of entrenched anti-British sentiment in that country. So the British government appealed to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government baled the British economy out but the political price was increased influence for Wahhabi Islam at every level of British society. There was already a strong Muslim foundation to build on.

Due to its healthy birth-rate compared to the secular British, the Muslim proportion of the population had been growing rapidly in the first quarter of the 21st century and by 2030 had reached twenty per cent. It was hitting about five per cent in England when I was a baby (1). The increasing incapacity of the National Health Service in the 2020s reduced the elderly British population, so that boosted the younger Muslim proportion. The Muslim population was also boosted by a flow of secular-background British people converting to Islam in that decade. They turned to Islam after becoming disillusioned with the permissive society rotting as it was in economic failure.

In 2035, whilst I was studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, women lost the vote. By then male suffrage had already been significantly reduced with voting rights restricted to practising Muslims of five years' standing. It has to be said that the secular British middle classes, numbed by political correctness and economic stagnation, were pretty docile in the face of such loss of democratic privileges hard won by their ancestors.

But the pathway to a Wahhabi Islamic state became clear in 2036 when violent social disorder erupted in major British cities. To quote the 20thcentury rock band, Pink Floyd, which my older brother used to listen to, 'the rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in' (2) gave way in a deeply divided society and a tsunami of human evil devastated Britain's cities.

The British government did not have the necessary resources to restore order to the streets and so appealed to the Saudis for military assistance. Saudi troops were airlifted in and Britain was put under martial law.

When it came under a Saudi-style absolute monarchy in 2040, Britain was renamed the United Kingdom of Islam (UKI). Northern Ireland had already merged with the Republic of Ireland in 2030, so technically I suppose the United Kingdom had already ended as an entity but the new Muslim government clearly liked the ring of the name.

There are no churches in the UKI. I attend the mosque but I pray to God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, as I was taught as a child and as I decided to do myself when I chose to be baptised as a teenager in the lively church I loved to belong to in London.

In 2041 I became the third wife of a polygamous Muslim man. I have three children and my eldest son is now eight years old.

I have not told my children that I am a Christian but my son is beginning to ask me questions about my parents and my childhood. I believe that the time is coming when I should tell him the truth about what I am -- for the sake of his own soul in fact. I do not believe that I should withhold the gospel of God's saving love in the Lord Jesus from him and from my younger children when they are older.

I would have to warn them of the consequences for me of apostasy under Sharia law if they told my husband or indeed anyone else. But I am becoming convinced that I should take the risk. That is why I am putting this testimony in writing and placing it my Bible.

I am signing this with my real Christian name -- Grace.

(1) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/12132641/Number-of-UK-Muslims-exceeds-three-million-for-first-time.html

(2) From Two Suns in the Sunset, The Final Cut, 1983.

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