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UGANDA: Seven Anglican Priests Defect to RAC, Told to Hand Over Church Instruments

UGANDA: Seven Anglican Priests Defect to RAC, Told to Hand Over Church Instruments

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African correspondent
May 5, 2022

Seven Anglican priests in Uganda have been told to hand over hand over their office instruments and houses after they joined the Reformed Anglican Church.

All the priests are from eastern Anglican Diocese of Kumi, according to Tower Post.

The Bishop of Kumi Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Michael Esakhan Okwi wrote to the seven priests ordering them to handover their instruments of office and Church House to their parish priests after they allegedly joined the Reformed Anglican Church (RAC).

On April 24th a total of ten priests decided to join the Reformed Anglican Church (RAC) in the Diocese of the Upper Nile Diocese after expressing their dissatisfaction with the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Kumi.

A letter by the Rev. Okwi Esakhan Micheal was sent to the seven priests and copied to the Provincial Secretary of the Anglican Church of Uganda based in Kampala, the district resident commissioner, District police commander, Kumi Diocesan Chancellor, Diocesan Administrator, head clergy and head of laity in Kumi Anglican Church of Uganda.

The priests included the Rev. G. William Opesen of Okum Okamole Parish, Rev. Samuel Osire Ajeluk Parish, Rev. Emmanuel Ecae Oluniga parish, Rev. Solomon Odeke Kanyum Parish, Rev. Jane Akurut Chaplain Bishop Maraka College, Rev. James Opedun Ariet Parish and Rev. Ignatius Omugen Mukura Parish.

"Following the information that the Diocesan Administration received on 24th April 2022, in which you dully attended and clearly expressed your dissatisfaction from Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi, having professed joining The Reformed Anglican Church of the Upper Nile and having refused to express your departure in writing as per canon 3:26 of the provincial canons. We hereby advise you to handover the Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi instruments of work and authority, and house in your possession to your respected parish priest as soon as possible (seven days) upon receipt of this letter," the letter read.

"We also advise you to respect the Anglican faith of the Church of Uganda upon departure and follow your new calling in peace as per canon 3:26.4. And we pray that you shall find solace and peace in the new home without unnecessarily frustrating, affecting and maligning the Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi administration and religious formation being in mind with canon 3:26.5 having taken effect."

"We shall respect your decisions for as long as you shall respect the Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi. May you go in Peace!!" He concluded.


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