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UGANDA: President advises Anglicans on Faith and Culture

UGANDA: President advises Anglicans on Faith and Culture

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African correspondent
October 4, 2020

Uganda's president Yowei Kaguta Museveni has said that it's important for Anglicans to embrace Christianity in modern times but also to emphasize culture and traditional values to promote humanity.

Museveni is himself an Anglican who said that he was very active in church activities while in his youth.

Museveni said Christianity is important in modern society in building clean, Christian families and life which should be very much appreciated in modern times. Society should not ignore traditional norms because they are important to us and society.

The president explained that it is important to observe exogamous and endogamous scientific implications while in the process of organizing marriages saying that exogamous knowledge allows tribes and clans to avoid risks of 'in-breeding" among tribes.

He made these remarks on Saturday at the State House, Entebbe while hosting the newly-wed couple of Brigadier General Peter Candia and Doreen Busingye for a luncheon after tying the matrimonial knot at St. John's Anglican Church in Entebbe. The service was conducted by the Rev. Festo Kalungi in the Entebbe municipality.

"I congratulate Brigadier General Peter Candia, his wife Busingye, the parent and families of the couple and all that have rendered support towards this achievement'', he said.


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