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UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop Blasts World Bank Over Halting Loans Due To Anti-Gay Law

UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop Blasts World Bank Over Halting Loans Due To Anti-Gay Law

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
August 25, 2023

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has asked President Museveni and Uganda parliament not to accept being pushed around by the World Bank, following the country's anti-homosexuality act.

Speaking last Sunday at a service in Namirembe Cathedral in the country's capital Kampala, Archbishop Kaziimba urged the government to stand firm and fight corruption and share what little resources were available.

This comes after the World Bank's announcement of its decision to halt new loans to Uganda on August 8th. The decision to suspend funding for Uganda's development projects, including infrastructure was in response to the country's new Anti-LGBTQ law, which has faced global criticism for its stringent measures against the LGBTQ community.

Kaziimba urged the government to optimize revenue sources such as agriculture, tourism, minerals, trade, and taxes collected by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

"According to the natural law, God created a man and a woman. Therefore, if somebody says that you are on your own and they will not give you assistance if you don't allow same sex marriages, just understand that such a party does not wish you well, and has never wished anything good for you," Kaziimba stated.

Kaziimba added that according to his research, these loans majorly benefit foreign expatriates, and a significant portion of them is misappropriated by corrupt government officials, leaving ordinary Ugandans burdened with repaying the high interest rates associated with the loans.

"When someone has helped you for more than sixty years, but there is no significant economic growth to showcase, it means that their aid is useless and exploitative," he charged.

He highlighted that such loans often come with undesirable conditions, like supporting same-sex marriages and high interest rates, which make repayment difficult and hinder economic growth.

Kaziimba noted that this move by the World Bank serves as a wake-up call for Ugandan patriots, suggesting that Western powers do not have the best interests of Africa's economic development at heart. He argued that their long-term goal has been to exploit Africa for their own economic gains.

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