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December 24 2004 By virtueonline WINDSOR REPORT: A "Self" defining moment for ECUSA and The Ang. Communion

As my colleague, Oliver O'Donovan, said recently, when placed along side most Anglican Documents, the Windsor Report is decidedly "up market." In contradistinction to a number of contrary judgments, I agree; and the burden of my remarks will be designed to show that, despite certain omissions and errors (some serious) the report provides a credible way forward both for ECUSA and the Anglican Communion as a whole.

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December 16 2004 By virtueonline New Vatican Document on Homosexuality and the Priesthood Coming Before Fall 2005

The Vatican has confirmed several times that men with homosexual sexual orientations should not be ordained. The December 2002 bulletin of the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments contained a letter signed by Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez, who has since retired as the head of the Congregation, which said ordaining such men would be imprudent and "very risky."

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December 16 2004 By virtueonline Navigational Errors: A thriving church sank, not because it hit an iceberg...

Now a year later—September 2004—the entire pastoral staff is gone, attendance is down 75 percent, most of the Christian education leaders have either left the church or are hesitant to sign up for another year of duty. The parish is deeply discouraged, mission giving is down, and the near future of the parish looks bleak, financially and spiritually.

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December 09 2004 By virtueonline A Critique of Mark Dyer’s Explanation of the Windsor Report - by Andrew Goddard

This suggests that a primary aim of the Report is a sort of ground-clearing exercise, a means to the end of the Communion having a conversation on sexuality. This purpose and goal is not given prominence by the Primates, the Mandate of the Commission or the Report itself.

Does the Report have a stance on sexuality?

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November 28 2004 By virtueonline Theological Education for the Anglican Communion - Book List

Anglican Communion, The Official Report of the Lambeth Conference, 1998 (Morehouse, 1999) [An essential resource for resolutions, plenary presentations (including an important lecture by Rowan Williams on 'Making Moral Decisions) and discussion on all the major issues affecting the Communion]

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November 19 2004 By virtueonline Reflections on the Windsor Report: N. T. Wright, Oliver O'Donovan et al

Many churches have established mechanisms for answering this question. The worldwide Anglican Communion has never before needed to develop such mechanisms, but the Commission argues that it now needs to do so. To this end, we are proposing various ways in which our existing structures can be strengthened and our existing processes clarified.

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November 08 2004 By virtueonline Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity

Pearcey is a scholar, an intellectual, a brilliant writer, and she has an uncanny ability to explain profound ideas in a way that is accessible – and helpful -- to regular people. She appeared recently at the Heritage Foundation to talk about her book to a standing-room-only crowd.

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November 08 2004 By virtueonline Gospels tell of true Jesus, says Canadian scholar

"The half-dozen leaders and three-dozen members of the Jesus Seminar create the impression the scholarship is seriously divided. But I've been at annual meetings of the Institute for Biblical Research, with hundreds of scholars, and no one can take their outrageous claims seriously any more.

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November 03 2004 By virtueonline A President's 'Theology of War' - by Gregory J. Welborn

Among its primary criticisms is the claim that Mr. Bush's use of biblical
references has created a grave moral crisis in this country. Especially
discomfiting to these professors is the president's use of the imagery of
light and darkness in describing the U.S. and Iraq, respectively. They
object to his axis-of-evil theme as well as to any talk of an American
mission or divine appointment to rid the world of evil.

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October 30 2004 By virtueonline "God and Sex" or "Pants on Fire"? - by Robert Gagnon

The overall purpose of Kristof's editorial is political: to persuade "conservatives," or "liberals" who should be convincing conservatives, that there is little credible basis for opposing "gay marriage" within the Bible itself. He hopes that by doing so he can weaken efforts to pass amendments blocking "gay marriage" in various states.

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