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TEC to Consecrate Gender Fluid Grandpa to be Next Bishop of Newark

TEC to Consecrate Gender Fluid Grandpa to be Next Bishop of Newark

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A satirical essay

By David W. Virtue, DD
October 29, 2018

Sensing a strong vindication of his Jesus movement revival, TEC presiding bishop Michael Curry announced today that a distant relative of Moses would be consecrated the next Bishop of Newark.

"I think we have raised inclusivity and diversity to a new level," he told exuberant members of the Executive Council. "I'm just sorry he/she is not a person of color."

"I foresee a revival of epic proportions following this consecration. I have asked former Newark Bishop John Shelby Spong to preach the sermon, which we know will be filled with truth, love, joy, hope and expectation."

Curry, the first black presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, recently attended the consecration of three new lesbian bishops, opined that the Church was now expanding its boundaries to include transgendered persons and a gender fluid grandpa was a brilliant start.

"We may have reached the final frontier of sexual exploration and self-expression. God is clearly doing a new thing. We just hope there will be enough Episcopalians around in ten years to experience his gender fluid wisdom and greatness," concluded Curry.


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