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Spitting in the face of Christ crucified

Spitting in the face of Christ crucified


By David W. Virtue, DD
August 18, 2018

The Roman Catholic Church is facing a crisis of historic and epic proportions over sexual abuse. The problem is so severe it has cost the church over three billion dollars in payouts to victims, the bankruptcy of some dioceses, and, worst of all the loss of tens of thousands of good Catholics who will never again darken the doors of a church. Lives have been ruined, many will never recover.

The Episcopal Church should not gloat, nor should it argue that if the RCC had just allowed openly practicing homosexual priests then the problem would go away. This has been a favorite argument of homosexuals like Louie Crew, and, indirectly by hundreds of Episcopal bishops and at least four presiding bishops.

Embrace the dark side, make a friend of sodomy and sodomists, feel their pain, bless homosexual unions, do not offend, be nice, be open, show compassion and understand that God is doing a "new thing," are arguments I have heard repeatedly.

These arguments and attitudes are lies from the pit of hell. There is not a single word in Holy Writ supporting sodomy, not one, and it is doubly hellish when an evangelical episcopal priest makes the claim that David and Jonathan had a homoerotic relationship. This is to twist scripture into a perverse sexual pretzel. It is worse when an evangelical episcopal bishop will compromise his faith to accommodate homosexuals out of a misplaced compassion.

Many Anglo-Catholic priests have not so secretly embraced the darkness by having a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof, hiding behind smells and bells, delivering unctuous sermons on the mystery of the Eucharist, and putting on a good show as if God is impressed with all this outward sanctity, while affirming and often playing in the homosexual darkness.

I have watched in horror as Archbishop Rowan Williams embraced the darkness even as his closest friend, a homosexual, took his own conflicted life, standing in front of a fast-moving train smashing himself into pieces. So reparative therapy was really not an option, Archbishop?

And what of wobbly Welby, our present Anglican leader, who can't make up his mind about homosexuality, sitting in agony on radio talk shows, head in hands, saying he won't answer any more questions, because, because....

Homosexual behavior, carefully promoted by politically astute sodomists, learned the art of desensitization, jamming and then with conversion as the ultimate goal, was brilliantly successful.

Melvin Tinker in his book, How the West was lost, the cancer of cultural Marxism in the Church, the World and the Gospel of Change, opines that propaganda has been the key to achieving this. Pro-homosexual authors Kirk and Madsen understood this and relied on emotional manipulation, using lies and making the issue subjective and one-sided by telling the gay side of the story as movingly as possible. In the battle for hearts and minds, effective propaganda knows enough to put its best foot forward. "This is what our media campaign must do." And they have done it so masterfully.

The gloves are now off with respect to the Church being seen as the main and possibly last bastion of resistance to the gay movement.

Homosexuals use talk of inclusion and diversity to muddy the moral waters portraying such institutions as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology.

As Southern Baptist leader Albert Mohler observed: A quick review of the last 15 years demonstrates the incredible effectiveness of this public relations advice. The agenda set out by Kirk and Madsen led to nothing less than social transformation. By portraying themselves as mainstream Americans seeking nothing but liberty and self-fulfillment, homosexuals redefined the moral equation. Issues of right and wrong were isolated as outdated, repressive and culturally embarrassing. Instead, the assertion of rights became the hallmark of the public relations strategy....it became a manifesto for moral revolution.

The seduction of the Church, all the churches, became the goal, and, like the LGBT Titanic is fully underway.

Within the RCC, the voices for homosexual acceptance are being lifted up and embraced across the globe. One voice, the Rev. James Martin, the sinister, smiling, openly homosexual priest, is scheduled to spin homosexuality to the World Meeting of Families conference in Ireland later this month, arguing that current language of "intrinsically disordered" is unhelpful and LGBT people need to be affirmed by the church. Thousands of Catholics have signed a petition wanting him disinvited from the conference. Martin argues that "these protesters are not only on the wrong side of history, they're on the wrong side of the Gospel." Really. What gospel is that, pray tell Fr. Martin?

It is hard to ascertain if Pope Francis is naive or complicit, more concerned with his feelings about people than the church's teaching. Time will tell. For the moment, the long tentacles of sodomy are reaching the highest levels of the Church and Satan must be smiling. He is winning more than even he could have hoped or bargained for.

One homosexual Catholic bishop argues that the Bible defined celibacy as being free of sexual contact with women; therefore, homosexual acts aren't sinful. Really. What we are seeing is the marketing of evil with corruption disguised as freedom.

Writer Sohrab Ahmari concluded: "These days there is a lot of talk of 'mercy' and 'accompaniment' in the Roman Church. But these outrages call for a different kind of spirit: the spirit of judgment, the fiery spirit of Saint Paul, who raged against sexual immorality in the early Church in his epistles and consigned those who defiled the people of God to fates worse than excommunication. For mercy without truth and penance is just PR."

And those who enable them are spitting in the face of Christ crucified.

Please read this powerful statement by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Madison, Robert C. Morlino, It speaks volumes about the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church.

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