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August 1ST, 2021

Cameron Jones grew up in suburban Sydney, in a Christian family, attending Christ Church Anglican church in St. Ives, in northern Sydney.

As he grew up, he was taught the Bible and of the grace that God offered through his Son  Jesus on the cross. It was not until Cameron was in year 11 that he was encouraged by his youth leader to enrol in a unit of what is now known as the Moore Preliminary Theological Certificate's (PTC), Introduction to the Bible (ITB).

As a group of people doing the course formed and gathered inter-generationally, they were taught lecture-style about the overarching themes of the Bible. Through this, Cameron was introduced to a whole new way of reading the Bible in its context. This learning was instrumental for Cameron and his faith. What the PTC material allowed was for Cameron to read the Bible for himself. In fact, to this day, he maintains that his ITB study is "the most influential element of study that he has ever done in understanding the Bible."

"The 'Introduction to the Bible' study is the most influential element of study that he has ever done in understanding the Bible."

This grappling with and understanding God's plan of salvation for his people spurred Cameron on to teaching this good news beyond St Ives. He has since moved overseas to live and do ministry in Ireland, where he continuously draws on the foundational truths that he learnt as a young Christian. In fact, Cameron was very excited to show me his original copy of the ITB notes that he had kept from that initial study! While at All Saints Church, Belfast, Cameron had the opportunity to use his learnings from the ITB material to introduce international students to the living God, teaching them about Biblical Theology. In his good kindness, God used this teaching to bring new birth to a number of students in the class.

Cameron and his wife Alex now work for Irish Church Missions in Dublin's 'Silicon Docklands' along the River Liffey as pioneer evangelists. Under God, the Irish Church Missions is prayerfully seeking to place ten churches in Dublin by 2028. Described by Cameron as a "famine of the gospel in Ireland," he and Alex are seeking to reach and minister to office workers in Dublin, where (on the north side) there is only one evangelical church per 40,000 people. They are currently seeking to become known and trusted in the Christian community in Dublin while also starting to contact believers in the workplace and encourage them to live their lives for Christ. They aim to do this through one-to-one and small group ministries and are one day hoping to take a group through some of the ITB material.

In God's kindness, many people like Cameron have been able to use the Moore PTC material to grow in confidence and understanding when reading the Bible for themselves. Why not consider studying the Introduction to the Bible unit for yourself, and like Cameron and Alex, work out how you can best help people come to know and live for Jesus, given your current context and capacity.

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