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Ravi Zacharias and the After Life

Ravi Zacharias and the After Life

A Satirical Essay

By David W. Virtue, DD
April 17, 2021

Where am I?

You are in rehab, Mr. Zacharias, a place between heaven and hell. Some call it Purgatory, but that is not a word My Father ever recognized. However, you are here to determine where you will ultimately go. This is not a nice place. You will not be mollycoddled. You will not be told about all the good you did on earth. We are not interested. You will be challenged and judged about the way you behaved on earth.

Here you will learn the true meaning of unmerited grace; grace that you felt you merited by indulging yourself with women and much more. Here you will deal with your narcissism, pride and ego, and your belief that My Father owed you something because you did so much for Him. At the root of it all is pride, that somehow you were owed something for services rendered. It was the great lie by you and for so many others.

Of course, you are not alone. You are in good company with other evangelists who also believed that My Father owed them something with their sexual dalliances outside their marriages, when in truth My Father owed you and them nothing.

Then, of course, there are the fake televangelists who used people to enrich themselves, the prosperity preachers, and the whole range of evangelicals who believed my gospel needed defending with a constitution, flags, all the talk of exceptionalism and other nomenclature of nonsense.

They forgot a single principle, which is that My gospel is often forged in suffering, not in material satisfaction or glory to those and from those who applaud them. I despised your feasts, your happy-clappy notions, your cheap grace, your alliance with narcissistic politicians to allegedly further My ends which can ONLY be achieved through suffering.

You and they have all brought disgrace upon my name and everything I taught you in the gospels. I had nowhere to lay my head. I asked you to be my disciples, I walked the earth with little or nothing, and you lauded it over people and enriched yourself. You manipulated people with your charm, Ravi. You seduced thousands, and they all fell for it and they paid you millions to indulge yourself. Dallas Willard talked about being apprentices in my school and you laughed at him.

You raised yourself up with a false humility, secretly aggrandizing yourself as the money rolled in and your self-importance rose as you became more famous with each passing year. You even fooled some great denominational leaders by speaking in My name at their conferences while name dropping to add to your stature, not mine.

You represented the worst by billing yourself as the best, fighting off accusations about your dalliances with women, turning yourself into the victim instead of the perpetrator. By all human standards you were brilliantly deceitful and cunning. And now it is all gone.

The exposure of your behavior with massage therapists and spa ownership where you secured sex while spouting spiritual platitudes and much more, brought your whole ministry tumbling to the ground.

As a result, RZIM is dead. It has been scrubbed from everything. The money you raised will go to pay women you used and abused. Your books have been removed from publishing houses; your denomination has defrocked you. You are now officially a nobody. You are a sinner who believed he was owed, when, in fact, it was you who owed everything to Me.

What is my future?

That all depends on you. It could take eternity to root out the lies and misuse of your talents in your life. Jean Vanier is here as are many so called Christians. Their future, like yours, is uncertain. Do not presume on My Father's grace. Many are called, few are chosen. Many spoke in My name. They went out, but they were not from Me.


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