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Nigerian Anglican Primate says Homosexuals will not Inherit the Kingdom

Nigerian Anglican Primate says Homosexuals will not Inherit the Kingdom

By David Virtue, DD
August 11, 2020

The new Anglican primate of Nigeria, the Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba says that homosexuals and law breakers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Without mentioning names, this would include the two lesbian bishops and three practicing homosexual bishops in The Episcopal Church. These include Vicky Gene Robinson (formerly New Hampshire), Mary Glasspool (New York, formerly Los Angeles), Thomas Brown (Maine), Bonnie Perry (Michigan) and Deon Johnson (Missouri).

At a press conference in Abuja, Ndukuba blasted the state of affairs in Nigeria and stated that anyone who is involved in corruption, whether in the church, mosque, government, or in any office, is an enemy of God and the people. Ndukuba stressed that according to the scriptures, no corrupt, immoral or violent person, no homosexual, will be an inheritor of the kingdom of God.

This will undoubtedly cause heartburn to Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury who has apologized to the LGBTQ for alleged hatred towards them. The drive for full homosexual acceptance is now in full throttle in the Church of England. The new Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, an Affirming Catholic and leader in the pro homosexual wing of the Church of England is calling for thanksgiving services and eucharists for homosexual couples amid controversy on how the Church should move forward.

As the second most powerful position in the Church of England, Cottrell has said the CofE was "immoral" for its refusal to welcome homosexual marriage. He stresses it would be "particularly foolish" to ignore the damage done to the Church's mission.
As Bishop of Chelmsford, Cottrell made the most forthright call for change by a bishop so far and said the Church should reach an "agree to disagree". They should reach a compromise over homosexual marriage as it had done over women's ordination.

That will never fly with evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics in the Global South. They will never buy it. If they did, they would only isolate themselves from the Anglican mainstream.

So, there you have it, two archbishops who have very different views on homosexuality. Do you wonder why the Anglican Communion is deeply split over the issue?

That is why if GAFCON did not exist the very 'stones would cry out'. You cannot have one view -- that is biblical and faithful to history and tradition -- and hold contrary views that violate scripture and expect the entire communion to roll over because Welby, Cottrell, Curry and TEC's House of Bishops say so.

With Albany Bishop Bill Love we are seeing the end of orthodoxy in The Episcopal Church. The outcome of his hearing is virtually assured. The panel cannot reverse B012 (homosexual marriage) for him or anyone, the Episcopal fascists will have none of it. That is why GAFCON's bishops and archbishops will not sit down with heretical bishops like Michael Curry (TEC) and Linda Nicholls (Canada) at Lambeth in 2022.

The Nigerian primate was also not hesitant in calling out government corruption. He spoke truth to power when he described corruption as stealing and a terrible enemy that is rooted in the fallen nature of man- sin. He pointed out that many times, people change the names of their actions, so that it does not appear evil. He said, "We find reasons to justify evil, and that must stop in Nigeria."

Why do we not have evangelical leaders crying out in a similar manner in the U.S. the richest nation on earth, when one in five children goes to bed hungry every night. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity has increased in the United States. This is particularly true for households with young children. Where is the outrage at this time from our Christian leaders who live in the greatest and wealthiest nation on earth?

In Nigeria, Ndukuba called on religious and political leaders to examine themselves and turn to God. He urged them to stop taking advantage of others, in their allocation of resources, the appointment of positions and employment of the youths.

The primate declared that Nigeria would prosper because God has a special interest in Nigeria, and in the role that the country would play in Africa and the world. He said, "I believe that there is a purpose for Nigeria; there is a future for Nigeria and we are standing for that future, no matter the things that are surrounding us."

Americans, too, believe in American exceptionalism. Whether this is misplaced or not, time will tell.

The Nigerian primate added that, "Until we begin to have a national guideline for behavior, attitude, and whatever we are asked to do; and the expectations of the people are respected, we may not make any headway."


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