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By David W. Virtue, DD
November 2, 2020

The Rev. Brandt L. Montgomery writing in The Living Church, talks up "mutual flourishing" (THAT WE ALL MAY BE ONE), as a way to heal the divisions, while claiming to be conservative, but chooses to remain in the Episcopal Church even as the last orthodox bishop, William H. Love of the Diocese of Albany has been crushed and his cries for biblical justice went unheeded.

"Mutual flourishing" in light of Bishop Love's forced resignation from the Episcopal Church, is like "virtuous sin", a vast pile of non-organic poop.

Montgomery opines; "I wonder how long the majority's toleration of the minority's disagreement with same-sex marriage and, with it, their function within the Church will last. It makes me wonder, "Will what has happened to Bishop Love eventually happen to me?"

Well, I will tell you, Mr. Montgomery, not long, and yes it will. This has dragged on for more than 40-years and the LGBTQ community have taken no prisoners and brooked no going back. Forward ever forward...and they won and if you resist you will be trampled to death under the Episcopal pansexual steamroller or be forced to jump ship.

It is from this commitment that I desire for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters to flourish in their seeking to love and serve Jesus as members of his Church.

What delusional world are you living in? The push has been going on for four decades of General Convention resolutions and they have won every battle. Do you honestly think at this late stage in the pansexual game that something is going to miraculously change? If you believe that, then butterflies breed on Mars. You are utterly delusional in your thinking.

Furthermore, if you think being black will save you because the Presiding Bishop is black, you are dead wrong. Pansexuality trumps race in "beloved community". Racism will not be killed by a general convention resolution, heterosexual exclusivity can.

"But we must be willing to trust each other."

Trust, TRUST; You really want or expect anyone left in TEC who is orthodox to expect "trust". Call Bishop Love and ask him about trust. He has valiantly resisted the pansexual steamroller at every general convention I have attended, and he has been mocked, ridiculed and derided for his faithful stand.

Why do you think the ACNA exists if trust was even vaguely possible? That train left the station such a long time ago that weeds have grown over the railway lines and kids play where the train once ran.

Do yourself a favor, if you have the courage; get off the TEC train at the next station and wait for the ACNA train to come along. You will find the driver (Archbishop Foley Beach) very agreeable, and he will welcome you with open arms as he did the former Bishop of Central Florida, John W. Howe.

As Archbishop Charles Chaput observed; "Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence the good." You will be silenced.


You can read Montgomery's piece at The Living Church's Covenant blog.

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