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By David Virtue in Canterbury
July 28, 2022

It was predictable, of course. Never turn down an opportunity to create a publicity stunt that guarantees free media attention and sticking it to your friendly primes inter pares, the Archbishop of Canterbury at the same time. Just go ahead and embarrass the hell out of him, he deserves it.

Don your purple shirts and march across the campus of the University of Kent, site of the Lambeth Conference and show the world your full support for LGBTQ+ inclusion before the conference has even officially started.

It is only just less blasphemous than a queer Eucharist or marching to save the whales in Mexico, octopi in Spain or forests in Brazil.

Just ramp up the pain on poor Justin Welby who is desperate for a win, bearing in mind the torture Rowan Williams was put through over a decade ago when he ran the last Lambeth Conference. A Windsor Report and Covenant failed to solve anything for Lord Williams of Oystermouth. Has he ever really recovered? He must be watching with dismay from Wales as Welby flounders around looking for a way out as he drops offending language in the Call on Human Dignity, in the hopes he can keep everyone at the table.

There are a few GAFCON bishops here, but there is a slew of Global South bishops who are not prepared to compromise on Resolution 1:10, which clearly and unambiguously said no to sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman, yet at the same time offers "pastoral care" for those caught in a homosexual whirlwind of unbiblical desire.

But that is not what homosexuals and lesbians want. To hell with "pastoral care." We are fine, thank you, and we want you to acknowledge our sexuality, embrace it and put us an equal footing with you in the name of marriage equality.

If the Americans, Canadians and Scots can embrace us, so can you. We, of course, are pushing the Church of England for full acceptance and the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) report is just a stone's throw away from making it all come true.

The great Anglican Rocky Horror Show has just begun. No one knows for sure how it will end.

The race to the bottom has just begun.


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