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KENYA: Anglican woman gets married to the Holy Spirit.

KENYA: Anglican woman gets married to the Holy Spirit.
Anglican Church disassociates itself from the act

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
June 6, 2021

Anglicans in Kenya got the shock of the year when one of their own claimed that she wanted to get married to the Holy Spirit.

They thought that Elizabeth Nalem was joking but later it happened. Ironically, she is already a married woman. The wedding took place in one of the Anglican churches conducted by a pseudo priest.

However, the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has disowned the priest who officiated at the 'wedding' between Elizabeth Nalem and the Holy Spirit last week.

According to Daily Nation newspaper, Anglican Bishop of Kapenguria Bishop Samson Tuliapus said Mr Albert Rumaita, who funded and presided over the event, was a mere church member and not a bona-fide priest with no powers to officiate marriages.

"We don't support what happened because Holy Spirit things don't happen that way. It is a shame to our parish and the entire ACK church. It's an embarrassment," the Bishop told the Daily Nation.

The bishop also hinted at pursuing legal action against Mr Rumaita. West Pokot County police commander Jackson Tumwet, whose officers had arrested Ms Nalem after a child neglect complaint made by her husband, said they had released her to the church for counseling.

"They came and counselled the woman and she went back to her home. We advised the husband to let the church handle the matter," said the police chief.

The 41-year-old mother of six surprised locals after ditching her marriage to 'wed' the Holy Spirit last week.

She stunned residents of Makutano Town in West Pokot last week when she dressed in a white gown and called her friends and family to witness what she described as her marriage to the Holy spirit.

But Mr Joshua Nalem, her husband, protested the decision, saying she had neglected him and their children.

Following her 'wedding', Ms Nalem said she had been directed by God to go to Uganda and the United States of America to spread the word. But she was arrested on Monday and held for six hours before being released without any charges.

Chaos erupted at the police station after the woman refused to return to her marital home citing harassment by her husband, even as police officers and neighbours pleaded with her to go back home.

Mr Nalem, who said he paid 22 cows and 15 goats as dowry, lamented that he was left with all house work after the 'wedding.'

"She didn't inform me about the wedding. We are still duly married, and this is a lot of work," said Mr Nalem.

But Nalem, determined to spread the gospel, insisted that the 'wedding' was her calling and remained unmoved.

"I will not go with this man. I am married to the Holy Spirit. I don't want him. I was told to come back home...I want my rights as I continue with my new job," she said.


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