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Kangaroo Court will Try, Convict and Depose a Godly Orthodox Episcopal Bishop

Kangaroo Court will Try, Convict and Depose a Godly Orthodox Episcopal Bishop
Albany Bishop William Love now faces trial for defying GC Resolution B012


By David W. Virtue, DD
September 20, 2019

It's a foregone conclusion. A tribunal (hearing panel) set up to try a bishop for putting scripture ahead of a General Convention resolution on same sex marriage, will prove conclusively that The Episcopal Church is hell-bent on going to hell and taking as many bishops as it can with it.

Based on past evidence, the Rt. Rev William Love, the gentle, godly Anglo Catholic bishop of Albany will, at trial, be found guilty, convicted and deposed. He defied a mandate allowing a handful of his priests the right to perform same-sex, ungodly "marriages" because TEC's General Convention passed Resolution B012 approving of what God has never approved, but they have decided, in their worldly wisdom, to approve anyway. General Convention believes they have changed God's mind for Him, something that no church in 2000 years has managed to do, scaling the heights of hubris and theological arrogance. Bishop Love presently faces a "partial restriction on ministry," but that will soon become absolute.

Bishop Love's "sin" is that he dared to stand up and say that God does not, nor has He ever approved of sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman and for his faithful stand he will get the equivalent of a beheading, or be burnt at the stake. Thomas Cranmer would be proud of him. He also said that diocesan canons trump General Convention resolutions, a heresy that shrieks for correction. His execution will be done with all the high-sounding nomenclature of inclusion. At a very minimum he will be suspended but, in all likelihood, Bishop Love will be deposed, tossed out of the church and allowed to collect whatever pension he can scrape out of the CPF for his years of service.

The jury, you will be thrilled to know are all progressive bishops, clergy and a laywoman. They were handpicked to make sure that nothing could go wrong for the Church, or right for the godly bishop. They include the following: The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas
The Rt. Rev. Herman (Holly) Hollerith IV, Resigned, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia
The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, Hearing Panel President
The Rev. Erik Larsen, Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island
Ms. Melissa Perrin, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Three of these, Nicholas Knisely, Herman Hollerith and Melissa Larsen served on Bishop Jon Bruno's Hearing Panel where he was found guilty and suspended for three years. Nancy Davidge, the public affairs officer for the Church, said no date has been set for Hearing Panel proceedings for Love.

It is ironic that not a single Communion Partner bishop was included, that so bedeviled the Righter Trial, where the token orthodox bishop, one Andy Fairfield (Nth Dakota) demurred and got publicly ripped by Righter himself, who faced a heresy trial (and was acquitted) for ordaining a known active homosexual to the diaconate.

Thou shalt not oppose the zeitgeist.

The times have not changed, they have gotten more sophisticated, the language more condemning and the punishment harsher. The greatest sin now is to offend the whiny bleeding-heart church pansexualists, and face the wrath of TECs HOB and its "love" talking presiding bishop descend upon you, convict you and cast you into outer darkness.

The Living Church magazine noted with some irony, that the proceedings against Love will be governed by Title IV of the Canons of the Episcopal Church, and could continue for months or even years. "Title IV is laid out in 40 densely worded pages of poorly organized and internally inconsistent prose. The text is so confusing that the church spent $300,000 developing a website designed to take users through the process step by step. The website is titleiv.org"

Death by firing squad would be simpler.

Los Angeles bishop Jon Bruno avoided deposition and got suspended for three years, effectively sending him into retirement when he tried to bludgeon a church into submission. He was a bully and everybody knew it, including his lesbian suffragan bishop, Mary Douglas Glasspool. She later fled to the safety of the Diocese of New York. Bruno's sin concerned the misuse of ecclesiastical power not sex, so he got a mere wrist slap.

To offend people who perform unnatural sexual acts is far more dangerous ecclesiastically than almost anything else except adultery for which you can also be cast into outer darkness. Just ask the former Bishop of Lexington, one Douglas Hahn, a straight white male. He was caught in a lie about an affair he had with a parishioner. Hahn confessed, repented of his sin and was removed permanently from active ministry. The hypocrisy of this act cannot be stated severely enough.

We have a bishop (Gene Robinson) who was married to a woman, had two kids by her, divorced her after announcing he was a homosexual, unmarried her in a bizarre altar scene, met a man, married him and then divorced him 25 years later. The Episcopal Church thinks this is just fine because Robinson and his ilk manage to get a series of General Convention resolutions passed that endorses his behavior!

So, it is okay to be a homosexual, bisexual, (you can go both ways now with the approval of the Church), lesbian, transgendered, (there are two priests married to each other in the Diocese of Massachusetts who have had sex change operations and are now married to each other). The list goes on and on. All of this now meets with the approval of the Episcopal church's thought police.

But demanding that homosexuals and lesbians conform to scriptural standards of sexual behavior has become a heresy demanding public humiliation and ecclesiastical execution.

Bishop Love will now face his accusers, present his case and then be told he can go pound sand while Curry will talk his airy-fairy nonsense about the Jesus Movement and luv for absolutely everybody...except of course for Bishop Love.

As C.S. Lewis once said; "There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, in the end, "Thy will be done." All that are in Hell, choose it. And you wonder why TEC is slowly disappearing with each passing year, the sands of time sweeping congregations and clergy into oblivion.

Not surprisingly, the cowardly Communion Partner bishops are strangely silent. These bishops allegedly are the conservative minority who put out statements saying they defer from TEC resolutions, but they stay anyway. Like Pilate they have washed their hands of Bishop Love and made arrangements for other bishops to come into their dioceses to perform these abominable ceremonies, creating fake partnerships in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I once believed, wrongly it turned out, that evangelical bishops like Greg Brewer (Central Florida) and George R. Sumner (Dallas) would stand up and be counted with Love, how wrong I was. They have forfeited the right to be called evangelical. They will have to give an account "in that day" for their quisling behavior.

And so, it will come to pass, The Episcopal Church will wipe away the last remaining orthodox bishop and continue its descent into oblivion, a fitting end to a once proud church that saw presidents and civic leaders pass through its red doors to worship a god who now no longer listens to them.

You can read Bishop Love's response here: https://virtueonline.org/message-bishop-love-regarding-recent-actions-title-iv-reference-panel-discipline-bishops


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