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By David W. Virtue, DD
January 23, 2023

Fornication is still considered sin, despite numerous men and women now living together without benefit of marriage. Pre-marital sex is still sin in some quarters. The Episcopal Church tried to downplay it all by passing resolution D039 in the year of our Lord 2000, that recognized there were "couples in the Body of Christ and in this Church who are living in other life-long committed relationships..." it was the thin end of the wedge.

Adultery is still a sin, even by Episcopal standards. Witness the number of bishops who have been kicked out of the church when it was found that they had sexually misbehaved; in one case before the man had even become an Episcopalian, let alone becoming a bishop!

Homosexuality, that is homosexual behavior, which for centuries was considered a sin, and could get you excluded from the kingdom, is now no longer a sin. In fact, it is now acceptable practice, promoted by society and the church, blessed, and extolled as a "new thing" God is doing. God changed His mind because two percent of the population now says so. Homosexuality is no longer the behavior that 'shalt not speak its name'...it is now included, recognized and promoted by secular presidents as well as bishops and archbishops of the church, even though God has not given any "signs or wonders" that he has changed His mind or sent a prophet to declare His change of heart on the matter.

There has been no revisiting of the Ten Commandments, no revising The Sermon on the Mount, no male and male created he them, nor has God sent Presiding Bishop Michael Curry with a scroll to redefine love to include sodomy. God apparently had never heard of homophobia which puts him behind the eight-ball.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is so overcome by his church's change of mind that he announced that he was "extremely joyful" about plans to allow church blessings for same-sex couples. Welby said that he is mindful that most of the Anglican communion does not support God's alleged change of mind.

Feckless Africans, Asians and a handful of orthodox westerners might feel differently, but given time and money they can and will be persuaded that the narrow confines of sex in marriage between a man and a woman was just one sexuality and more sexualities -- LGBTQI+ - had been approved because TEC, the ACoC, Wales, Scotland and now the CofE Synod says so. Keeping up with the times means never having to say you're sorry.

Welby did recognize that deep divisions existed within the world's Anglican community. He has, in the past, dismissed those divisions, calling GAFCON a "ginger group" who had failed to keep up with the times on committed same-sex relationships. It is not insignificant that the Archbishop of Canterbury can see the vandalism of a cemetery in Jerusalem as a desecration but says nothing about the attempted erasure of the image of God by a transgendered priest, an equal desecration we believe.

"I will be extremely, joyfully celebratory of these new (prayers of blessing)," he told a news conference. Oh, goodie. A feel-good archbishop who also feels badly for trans kids and wants their behavioral changes accepted; making him the most theologically confused ABC in Anglican history. Can you imagine Thomas Cranmer, Michael Ramsay or J. C. Ryle going along with these sexual sea changers?

I'm trying to imagine Ryle writing a new chapter in his book Holiness; Homosexuality and God's Love: a new approach in the 21st Century.

Where once upon a time the church argued over the two natures of Christ, or which understanding of the Eucharist is correct, we now have bishops exultantly proclaiming that it is no longer holiness but hole-ness that matters.

Pilate-like, Welby said he would not personally offer such blessings due to opposition by much of the worldwide Anglican Communion. He thus publicly washed his hands, declaring, "I will not personally use them in order not to compromise that pastoral care." How self-righteous and patronizing of the archbishop. Those poor African slobs just don't get it. We in the enlightened west know God better, we have changed God's mind for Him, an exegetical feat worthy of Houdini. Just ask Rowan Williams, probably the smartest archbishop ever, but whose left-leaning musings on the topic failed to move the Africans particularly the Nigerians. He failed miserably trying to get Nigerian primate Peter Akinola to blink on the subject. It was Williams who blinked first. You can see my story here: https://virtueonline.org/who-blinks-first-rowan-williams-challenges-peter-akinola The good news about the Hegelian driven Williams is that he is indecipherable even by people who have IQs over 150.

The church of 'what's happening now' will slowly but surely drift into irrelevancy; in time it will die. Arius lost to Athanasius. During its early centuries, the Christian church dealt with many heresies. They included, among others, Docetism, Montanism, adoptionism, Sabellianism, Arianism, Pelagianism, and Gnosticism. You can add Donatism; Marcionite-ism and Monophysite-ism. Keeping up with the times, like keeping up with the Jones's, will ultimately fail. God will not be mocked. Welby and the West will reap the whirlwind of their failed sexual experiment and ambitions with empty churches and a failed sexual gospel.

Whoso breaketh a hedge a serpent will bite. (Eccles 10:8) The judgment of God awaits.


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