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Inhibition of Bishop Lincoln McKoen redux

Inhibition of Bishop Lincoln McKoen redux

by David of Samizdat
June 7, 2012

Bishop Lincoln McKoen was fired for reasons unspecified, an action that begs for lurid speculation since it is so difficult to be declared persona non grata in the Anglican Church of Canada. Other than for being too orthodox, of course.

Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee has not helped by announcing that McKoen was inhibited for "sexual misconduct". Now the ACoC is renowned for its tolerance -- admiration even -- of every possible sexual gratification known to man or beast; the ecclesiastical enthusiasm for the LGBT2QIA+ alphabet soup concoction is undiminished by its ever-increasing diversity or scope-creep as we like to say in the business world. McKoen could not, for example, be fired for having sex with a goat. That would be covered by the "+". Or is it the "A"; I'm not sure but it must be covered somewhere.

Surely it would be best for everyone if the ACoC boldly announced what arcane province of sexual gratification McKoen explored to satisfy his appetites. That way we could at least add another letter to the LGBT... well, you know. And avoid future embarrassment.

From here:

On Tuesday, June 3, 2021 I received notice that Archbishop Lynne McNaughton has, pursuant to canon law, formally inhibited Bishop Lincoln Mckoen from performing any of the duties of his office as bishop of the Territory of the People while allegations of sexual misconduct are being investigated. There is due process in the church, and he will have the support he needs to answer these charges. There are no criminal charges in this case

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