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A Group Letter of Lament and Solidarity from ACNA women clergy to survivors of abuse in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest

A Group Letter of Lament and Solidarity from ACNA women clergy to survivors of abuse in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest>

Diocese of the Upper Midwest
Press Release
July 1, 20210205

A Group Letter of Solidarity and Lament for the Survivors of the Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse
Being Investigated in the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest (ACNA)

Dear Joanna and Other Survivors:

As some of the woman clergy of the Anglican Church in North America, we wish to publicly express our support to you and other survivors of abuse as you share your difficult stories.

We appreciate your vulnerability and bravery and seeking help and protection. We grieve with you, and are praying for your healing and recovery from trauma, and commit to advocate for you and all of those who endure sexual abuse. We hear you and want you to know you are not alone. As you navigate the coming months, know that you, the other survivors, and the entire Diocese have our constant prayers.

We pledge, by the mercy of God, to support the diocese and congregations of the Anglican Church in North America and they're continuing hard work of developing clear processes to respond to all allegations of abuse with urgency, compassion, accountability, and transparency.

With tears of grief,

As of the time of posting the following clergy support this message.
(Names appear in order of response.)

Rev. Dr. Emily Hunter McGowin;
Rev. Heather Bakker Ghormley;
Rev. Jessica Howe Jones;
Rev. Hannah King;
Rev. Shari Hobby;
Rev. Kimberly Deckel;
Rev. Anna Spray;
Rev. Amanda Holm Rosengren;
Rev. Tish Harrison Warren;
Rev. Kristen Yates;
Rev. Dr. Katherine Muerer Martin, MSW, LCSW;
Rev. Janet Echols;
Rev. Canon Tracy Russell;
Rev. Becki Nuemann;
Rev. Amanda Goin-Burgess;
Rev. Sandy Richter;
Rev. Mary Amendolia Gardner;
Rev. Pamela Meeks;
Rev. Sarah Smith;
Rev. Amy Rowe;
Rev. Terri Fisher;
Rev. Erin Moniz;
Rev. Rebecca Graber;
Rev. Carol Durr Brooks;
Rev. Erin Bair;
Rev. Kathleen Rankin;
Rev. Rebecca Henderson;
Rev. Teresa Kincaid;
Rev. Peg Bowman;
Rev. Lauri Diamond;
Rev. Summer Gross;
Rev. Frances Metcalf;
Rev. Rosemarie Adcock; and
Rev. Vivian Brocato.

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