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Gerry Charlotte Phelps - From Radical Activist To Radical Christian

Gerry Charlotte Phelps - From Radical Activist To Radical Christian

February 2nd, 2008

Gerry Charlotte Phelps has a unique story. A radical leftist activist who committed armed robbery in an attempt to fund her cause, she has become known as a radical Christian. As a United Methodist Minister, she not only helped revitalize stagnant mainline churches, she started two successful charities with outstanding success rates. What follows is an interview about how her experiences relate doing successful ministry in the mainline church. This article begins the first of several about the lessons she has learned for the mainline church.

Here is Gerry Charlotte Phelps background:

While teaching economics at the University of Houston, she was arrested for armed robbery, March 22, 1969, and sent to prison with a 35 year sentence. A radical leftist, she worked for civil rights for black people and opposed the war in Viet Nam. The robbery was to fund an anti-war newspaper.

In prison, God convinced her he existed and she became a Christian. Later he called her "to preach good news to the poor." After paroling to California in 1976 she went to seminary and was ordained a minister in the United Methodist Church. She pastored 3 churches (1 Hispanic) which all grew rapidly, and taught "Fruitful Church Growth" to pastors in 2 states.

She also started and ran 2 large homeless shelters in Bakersfield and San Jose, and a charity in Austin to help people exit welfare. All had high success rates.

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