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Decision ignores Global Anglican consensus, says Archbishop Foley Beach
We cannot follow the Church of England down this path which leads to spiritual and moral bankruptcy.

By David W. Virtue, DD
January 19, 2023

GAFCON chairman and ACNA's primate in North America, the Most Rev. Foley Beach has ripped the CofE bishops' decision to "go their own way" on matters of faith and practice. Conflating optional observances with core issues of the Anglican church, Beach says that their allowance for same-sex "blessings" denies holy practice and rejects the teaching of the historic church.

In a statement to GAFCON followers who represent more than 70% of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Beach said that the CofE bishops' decision went against the consensus of the Body of Christ from every tribe, tongue, people and nation alive today.

The release of the recent statement "Bishops propose prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and for God's blessing of same-sex couples" (Find It Here) https://www.churchofengland.org/media-and-news/press-releases/bishops-propose-prayers-thanksgiving-dedication-and-gods-blessing is a clear rejection of Lambeth 1998, I:10. One cannot help but ask the question: "What is next?" We continue to find ourselves disillusioned with the incredible audacity of major unilateral decisions (e.g., changing the nature of what it means to be 'male and female' in his image (Genesis 1:27) that run counter to 'the faith once delivered' (Jude 3).

What makes this current (and continued) Crisis of Leadership and Faith in the Church of England especially troubling is the clear and willful decision by the bishops to blatantly ignore the global Anglican consensus (as well as many more other Christian traditions) and 'bless' in the Name of Christ and the Church what

God clearly calls sin. God does not bless sin regardless of the stamp of endorsement by church leaders, clergy, and bishops.

Most of our Anglican Provinces have their origins in the Church of England because of the incredible and sacrificial missionary ministry of faithful British followers of Jesus. What are the faithful in England and around the world to do now that the mother Church has departed from biblical faith and morality? We cannot follow the Church of England down this path which leads to spiritual and moral bankruptcy. Lord, have mercy upon us all.

OTHER ORTHODOX VOICES have criticized the decision by the church of England, House of Bishops.

Anglican Futures, an evangelical group in England, described the bishops' announcement as "illogical" and "lamentable". Director Susie Leafe said; "Offering prayers of blessing to those in same-sex marriages, while claiming to maintain that the doctrine Holy Matrimony is a marriage between one man and one woman for life is illogical.

"It is lamentable because it denies the gospel and will please no one." The statement said that it had been "evident for at least 18 months that this was the most likely path for the bishops to take".

"The idea that celebrating 'equal civil marriage' will not undermine 'Holy Matrimony' is laughable. Anglican Futures is already providing practical and pastoral support to faithful Anglicans, as they reassess their relationship with the bishops of the Church of England, this announcement is likely to bring many more enquiries."

The Church Society said that "we can't bless what God curses" and that "Not all love leads to God." The evangelical charity also argued that, contrary to what the bishops said in their statement, the proposal constituted a change of doctrine.

"Sex outside of heterosexual marriage is sinful. . . To change this, in order to bless homosexual relationships, is not just a piece of minor tinkering."

The bishops' "compromise" was therefore "unworkable", its statement concluded.

It added that, while "sincere and specific apologies should be given to specific individuals" who have been hurt by the church, "We cannot apologise for following Christ and proclaiming his word, as if that was not somehow the best way for us all to live. But we can and should apologise where we have fallen short of the standards demanded of us in God's word."


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