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Fifteen Defining Characteristics of Episcopal Fascism

Fifteen Defining Characteristics of Episcopal Fascism


By David W. Virtue

Virtuosity has examined the fascist habits of the Episcopal Church's revisionist bishops, clergy and laity and found 15 defining characteristics common to the "new" emerging morally free Episcopal Church.

1. Powerful and continuing Episcopal revisionism tends to make constant use of Episcopal mottos, slogans, symbols, and other terms like inclusivity and diversity. Lapel buttons are worn on clothing and special ECUSA car license plates are encouraged to promote the Episcopal cause.

2. Disdain for the recognition of the rights of orthodox Episcopalians and the use of the 1928 Prayer Book because of fear that people might discover it has more truth than the 1979 Prayer Book. Furthermore Episcopalians are persuaded that the rights of the orthodox can be ignored and abused for the "higher" call of change. Revisionists look the other way or even approve of organizations like Via Media and Integrity who abuse orthodox bishops, using threats of presentment. Revisionist bishops use inhibition and deposition against their orthodox clergy who won't toll over to the revisionist agenda.

3. Identification of Episcopal enemies and scapegoats as a unifying cause. Revisionist Episcopalians are rallied into a unifying frenzy over the need to eliminate orthodoxy and those who don't buy into pansexual misbehavior. Internet writers are particularly targeted because they cannot be controlled or bought.

4. Supremacy of the revisionist bishops in the House of Bishops even when there is widespread theological and moral disagreement. The bishops, especially the Presiding Bishop is given disproportionate access to monies from the Trust Funds (Dead Men's Money) while the domestic agenda is neglected.

5. Homosexuals and academics who believe the liberal lie are glamorized and invited to speak to the House of Bishops.

6. Rampant Homosexualism. Under Episcopal fascism, traditional gender roles are diluted for the greater pansexual god - lesbitransgay. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are eulogized while heterosexuality is downplayed, mocked, and the church is represented as the ultimate guardian of pansexuality.

7. Controlled Mass Media. Make sure all the media is owned, operated, regulated and controlled by the Episcopal powers at 815 2nd avenue New York. Only writers who are sympathetic to the revisionist agenda shall be published, read and heard. All orthodox voices will be stifled and stilled, and will have to seek other outlets for their voices.

8. Obsession with securing liberal values in all areas of life - personal, moral and spiritual, especially in Episcopal academies and seminaries. Fear that orthodox "fundamentalists" will force their point of view must be squashed at all costs using contempt, derision and Bishop Spong's Twelve Theses to perform these tasks.

9. Make sure that Episcopal religion and UN resolutions are intertwined and reinforced. The Episcopal Church, while using the language of the Prayer Book, passionately believes in the United Religions Initiative as the one true religion and ultimate goal, enhanced by Spong's Twelve Theses as the most common tool to manipulate Episcopal opinion. Religious rhetoric and wifty undefined theological terminology like "otherness", proceeding from the mouth of the Presiding Bishop, even when the major new tenets of the Episcopal religion are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Holy Scripture, the 39 Articles, the Lambeth Quadrilateral and more.

10. Episcopal Power is protected. The revisionist bishops and Presiding Bishop are an aristocracy and meritocracy of fascist unbelief who vote themselves into power by excluding any candidate who might uphold the 'faith once delivered.' No bishop shall wear a miter if he or she does not approve of women priests and, in time, the consecration of avowed non-celibate homosexuals to the priesthood and episcopacy, thus creating a near invincible power elite.

11. The voices of orthodox laity are suppressed or over-ridden because the organizing power of the Network (NACDP) is now the real threat to a fascist Episcopal leadership. Orthodox voices are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed by resolutions and power bids in individual orthodox dioceses. Pour scorn on Global South bishops as theologically backward and uninformed and who have yet to experience the new revealed ECUSA religion.

12. Disdain for orthodox intellectual theologians and theologically informed clergy and laity. Open hostility and scorn is to be poured on those who can think through the issues and who go to seminaries that promote the same. Free expression in liberal seminaries to affirm basic doctrines like the resurrection and the atonement is suppressed, and, in some cases openly attacked. Orthodox students are regularly mocked for believing the 'faith once delivered.'

13. Obsession with those who will not conform to the new moral order. Under Episcopal fascism, the regime police like the Episcopal Women's Caucus are given almost limitless power to enforce women's ordination on dioceses that will not conform. The laity is often willing to overlook Episcopal abuses by bishops and even forego civil rights in the name of niceness and keeping the peace. There shall be a national Task force with virtually unlimited power in the Episcopal Church to fight orthodox dissent.

14. Rampant cronyism and corrupt bishops are almost always governed by groups of sycophants, friends and associates who appoint each other to Episcopal positions and use Episcopal power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in Episcopal fascism for national Trust Funds and other Episcopal pots of money to be appropriated or used by revisionist bishops to maintain their agenda and to spread the money globally to malleable provinces who will buy into the ECUSA's pansexual agenda.

15. Fraudulent elections. Elections of bishops are increasingly becoming a complete sham. They are decided by a small coterie of liberal clergy and laity who steal the reins of power and vote for one of their kind. At other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against opposition (read orthodox) candidates, with the use of legislation to control voting numbers and manipulation of the media. Episcopal fascist bishops also typically use the canons and constitutions to get their way, and override the clear teaching of Holy Scripture.


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