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As Eye See It
February 09 2004 By virtueonline JOHN STOTT on Anglican Comprehensiveness

Dr. J.I. Packer, whom we honour very much in this community and
throughout the world, wrote a contribution to a symposium about 25 years
ago in which he spoke about these two kinds of comprehensiveness.

Let me quote from Dr. Packer. He distinguishes two ideals of
comprehensiveness which have been held within Anglicanism.

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February 09 2004 By virtueonline CHAPLAINS CORP: Bearing My Cross (Anglican Persecution)

On a Tuesday morning in February I received a phone call from my friend
James Giddens, a Presbyterian minister and the commanding officer of my
Army Reserve unit, the 105th Chaplain Detachment. He informed me that we
were being called to active duty to support Operation Enduring freedom,
which later on became Operation Iraqi freedom. I was floored. I had
never seen this coming. In a blink of an eye I was being sent overseas

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February 09 2004 By virtueonline GEORGIA: Bad News from the 82nd Diocesan Convention

I would like to thank the Rector for his having all of us as his guests for dinner Thursday night. He is a most gracious host.

The events I am reporting will sadden some of you and perhaps some of you will not care, but the happenings at the convention should be a grave concern for all of us. They are to Marcy and me, if not to others.

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February 06 2004 By virtueonline WEST TENNESSEE: Bishop Blasts Orthodox

Loyal opposition and honest dissent to such actions are legitimate and
should be honored by all. I have been careful to do so. However,
deceitfulness and subversive sabotage justified in the name of serving
Christ cannot be overlooked. To this point, I direct your attention to
an article in the January 14, 2004 issue of The Commercial Appeal
outlining publicly the American Anglican

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February 05 2004 By virtueonline Where do your loyalties lie?

The 74th General Convention has placed the Episcopal Church over and above the worldwide Anglican Communion by choosing to go its own way in the blessing of relationships outside of marriage and elevating a non-celibate homosexual to the office of bishop. This was done against the admonition and agreement of the Primates, contrary to the agreed statements of Lambeth, and even the pleading of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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February 03 2004 By virtueonline When Homosexuals Take Over A Church

First of all, I want you to know we were involved at this church, not
just attendees. I had been on the Vestry and had been Junior Warden. I
had been the church Treasurer, and at the time of our departure I was
chairman of the finance committee. My wife had been a preschool and
Sunday School teacher, and both of our children, ages seven and nine,
were members of the children's choir.

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February 02 2004 By virtueonline TEN REASONS WHY THE 'NETWORK' IS NOT A COMPROMISE by John W. Howe

2) In the sharpest contrast to that, the newly formed Network has already been recognized by a dozen primates as being in "full communion" with the rest of the Anglican Communion, and it has the explicit encouragement of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline Are We Ready for a Second Reformation?

Yes, we must have a return to the recognition that Holy Scripture is the
final and ultimate authority for the whole Body of Christ. However, the
first Reformation did not happen in a vacuum devoid of education, and
neither can this one. Education of the laity (and in some cases,
apparently, the clergy) is absolutely necessary to prevent future crises
like the ones facing the Episcopal Church today.

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline "One must not choose to split one's Church…"

With the background of a former Mennonite minister, nourished on a heavy
diet of Anabaptist history, in which divisions upon divisions are an
outstanding feature, I come with a strong conviction hammered out among
some of us younger ones who took it upon ourselves to discuss at some
length the issue of the "legitimate break."

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February 01 2004 By virtueonline CENTRAL FLORIDA: Bishop Writes to Fleeing Parish

Last week the Rector, Fr. John Miller, informed me that all but one of
the clergy, and all but one of the vestry, have decided to join the
Anglican Mission in America. They informed the congregation of this
decision at the Annual Meeting, which began last Sunday afternoon. The
Meeting began between the services on Sunday morning, and then it was
recessed - to be reconvened on this Saturday afternoon, January 31, at 1 PM.

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