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Creeping Liberalism - by Lee Buck


By Lee Buck

“Do it our way or get out!” David Virtue recently published an article concerning Walter Righter, the thrice married Bishop, who left his first wife for his secretary. He said in that article, “How can the Bishops ‘allow’ what the canons and constitution do not allow?

How can the Bishops ‘cede control’ that is not theirs to cede? Even if they wanted to, they cannot. If outfits like the AAC and the Network et al must have a plan cast in concrete, they are stuck with it.”

Here is a bishop who blatantly and arrogantly violated the canons and the constitution of the church. Yet, in his mind, how you violate those documents makes a difference. If you violate the canons, creeds Articles of Religion, and the Constitution, by allowing heresy, or anti-scriptural behavior, that is admissible and proper, but, if you take an orthodox and biblical stand for righteousness then that is sinful and wicked. Do you consider this convoluted thinking? Any rational person, believer or not, would recognize syllogistic logic in Righter’s arguments.

So what is new in this? NOTHING !!! We have been subjected to this kind of disinformation and deception for the last 30 or so years and it has gotten worse. Over these years, those clerics and those laypersons who have loved the Lord Jesus and have been willing to say so, have received from the “Princes of the Church” characterizations and labels such as “Fundamentalist”, let me assure you that label is bad, “bible basher or toter”, and this one is equally bad, “bigot” a label earned because they believe the bible means what it says about homosexuality, and to this you may be able to add a number of others.

They have taken the English language and perverted it to mean something it was never intended to mean. For example, in the Episcopal Church, the Homosexual Lobby has entitled itself “Integrity”. Integrity is a wonderful word taken in the context of what it really means, but a counterfeit and spurious connotation when applied to the homosexual organization calling itself “Integrity”. In the Catholic Church the homosexual lobby calls itself “Dignity”.

Great God Almighty, when one apprehends what homosexuals actually practice in their sexual habits, the word “Dignity” becomes corrupted and deviant. Oral sex is “dignified”? Anal sex is dignified and has integrity? And then there are the other nefarious practices, too libidinous to list, for the ears of anyone who has “real dignity” and “real integrity”. Friends, even at my age of almost 81, I confess I don’t know how lesbians engage in sex. The one precept, of which I am aware, is that Holy Scripture condemns sex between man and man, and woman and woman. Anyone who can read is able to understand the words of the NIV bible, or the KJV bible or any other version, and know that it condemns homosexual practice.

Then there is the ploy, “We believe the bible, but it can be interpreted differently.” That statement is true in a number of instances; however, none of that kind of reasoning can be applied to the scriptures concerning homosexual practice, the very plain and forthright scriptures which have been translated by erudite scholars of every religious persuasion, the same way for 2000 years. However, if one does not subscribe to the tenet that the Holy Scriptures are the Word of God, no matter what “biblical” argument is presented will make a tinker’s damn.

Frankly, the way language is used can turn the hearts of people toward or away from almost anything. Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, used language to sway and to influence an entire nation into committing atrocious and venal sins against humanity. Hitler used language to seduce people into trusting him as the sole authority in their lives. They ended up by swearing allegiance, not to a country, not to an ideal, not to a cause but to Hitler himself.

Yes, all this came about through propaganda. 50 years ago, no one would have dreamed that men would be lined up in San Francisco to marry other men. People of that day, and I am one of them, would have said “PREP0STEROUS”. And, yet, the day has come. Over 20 years ago I obtained a study book entitled “The Homosexual Network” by Enrique Rueda, a native of Cuba who has a Masters Degree from Fordham, advanced degrees in Theology and Divinity from St. Josephs Seminary, and was employed by the Free Congress Foundation as a researcher and writer.

When I obtained this book, and by the way, it is a research book and takes study and intensive reading, I could not believe what it said. But it has all come true!!! In this book the statement is made, “There is little question that the homosexual movement is part and parcel of American liberalism.” {The Homosexual Network, Enrique Rueda, 1982, Pge 384}. Yes, the ECUSA has become part of that liberalism because the ECUSA has been kidnapped by the liberals of the church. They are not only “religiously liberal”, but they are liberal in their social mores, in their politics, in their education and almost anything else one can name. They are the ones who have introduced to the church and helped introduce to the world “Political Correctness.” They have seized the reins of power and they “own” the church. Yes, they “own” the church.

What am I saying here? I am saying that there is no possibility for the ECUSA to remain a Christian Church and no possibility for the ECUSA to remain a part of the Anglican Communion. They are going to be run out on a rail by the Anglicans of the world who love the scriptures, have a deep and abiding faith in the Lord Jesus, and have suffered for that faith.

It is certain that I am about to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for my next statement, but it must be made. I am compelled to say, for the sake of my brothers and sisters who are operating inside not the “iron curtain” but the “liberal curtain” that they must now make a choice.

I lived through the Neville Chamberlain era, before WWII, when the word was “Compromise’ “Compromise “Compromise”, with the hope that war would not be the result. But, we all know, that compromise with evil never works. Listen to me brothers and sisters, compromise with evil means that the one who compromises, loses and will eventually have to engage in real warfare.

Hitler was not defeated from within; he was defeated by the Allied Forces from around the world. Liberalism in the ECUSA has taken such deep root that the only way to get rid of it is by excision and extirpation. Yes, excommunication is coming for the ECUSA. For those of you still paying allegiance to the ECUSA do what you must do and do it quickly.

Lee Buck was a lay evangelist for more than 30 years in the Episcopal Church. Recently the congregation he attends in Atlanta came under the spiritual authority of the Province of the Southern Cone.

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