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Culture Wars
December 25 2006 By virtueonline Perhaps Puritans weren't all that bad

Actually, most accepted notions about Puritans are untrue. For example, the Massachusetts law prohibiting Christmas grew from the Church of England's penchant for observing dozens of annual religious holidays. Puritans wanted many fewer church/state-sanctioned ceremonies, and eventually rejected all legally enforced regular religious observances except the Sabbath.

There are other myths:

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December 24 2006 By virtueonline CANADA: Evangelicals ignoring rise of Islam, says Campolo

Persecution in Iraq

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December 22 2006 By virtueonline Barna Lists the 12 Most Significant Religious Findings from 2006 Surveys

# Although large majorities of the public claim to be "deeply spiritual" and say that their religious faith is "very important" in their life, only 15% of those who regularly attend a Christian church ranked their relationship with God as the top priority in their life.

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December 17 2006 By virtueonline Ireland High Court Rules Against Gay 'Marriage' Citing Harm to Children

"Marriage was understood under the 1937 Constitution to be confined to persons of the opposite sex," Justice Dunne wrote in her lengthy ruling.

"Having regard to the clear understanding of the meaning of marriage as set out in the numerous authorities opened to the Court from this jurisdiction and elsewhere, I do not see how marriage can be redefined by the Court to encompass same sex marriage."

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December 11 2006 By virtueonline “Creating Change,” Corrupting Children: the ‘Gay’ Task Force’s Evil Agenda

Last month, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force held its 2006 Creating Change conference at the Westin Crown Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. Americans For Truth sent reporters to the Nov. 10-12 event–and they witnessed the farthest thing from heartland values that you can imagine. Our representatives were forced to go undercover because the Task Force bans conservative critics from its conferences.

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November 30 2006 By virtueonline Study Finds New Evidence that Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientat

With access to the "virtually complete registry coverage of the entire Danish population," the study sample therefore lacked the problematic selection bias that has plagued many previous studies on sexual orientation.

Parental Influences on Sexual Orientation Development

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November 21 2006 By virtueonline ENGLAND: Reclaiming the Cross in the UK

I have known Nadia for some years, and Barnabas Fund has supported her spiritually, emotionally and financially through her current ordeal.

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November 17 2006 By virtueonline Marriage Wins - by Stanley Kurtz

The Arizona result might seem to indicate that voters favor domestic partner benefits, yet even here the message was mixed. Colorado, for example, not only passed a marriage amendment, but also defeated a separate measure creating domestic partnership benefits. And several other state amendments that included civil-union/domestic-partnership bans also passed. Wisconsin, for example, had a measure much like Arizona's.

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November 16 2006 By virtueonline Young adults in U.S. abandoning biblical faith

* had a sexual encounter outside of marriage

* used illegal drugs

* gotten drunk

* used profanity in public

* lied

* taken revenge

* physically fought or physically abused someone

* viewed sexually explicit videos

* said mean things behind someone's back

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November 13 2006 By virtueonline CULTURE OF VICE - by Robert R. Reilly

For any individual, moral failure is hard to live with because of the rebuke of conscience. Habitual moral failure, what used to be called vice, can be lived with only by obliterating conscience through rationalization. When we rationalize, we convince ourselves that heretofore forbidden desires are permissible. We advance the reality of the desires over the reality of the moral order to which the desires should be subordinated.

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