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July 18 2006 By virtueonline LONDON: 'The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state'

"It's confirmation of what they believe to be a familiar pattern: if spokesmen for British Muslims threaten what they call 'adverse consequences' - violence to the rest of us - then the British Government will cave in. I think it is a very dangerous precedent."

Dr Sookhdeo adds that he believes that "in a decade, you will see parts of English cities which are controlled by Muslim clerics and which follow, not the common law, but aspects of Muslim sharia law.

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July 14 2006 By virtueonline Survey Reveals Why Some 'Same Sex Attracted' Men Seek Change

The desire to heal emotional pain was cited as a major motivator by 77% of respondents, compared to 22% who identified "outside pressure" as a major motivator. In fact, just 3% identified outside pressure as one of the three main reasons they were seeking change.

The survey was conducted by People Can Change, a non-profit, non-religious self-help organization of men who have overcome unwanted homosexual attractions and who now support others who seek similar change.

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July 06 2006 By virtueonline Same-Sex Marriage Flounders. Few Homosexuals Interested in Tying the Knot

So far the highest estimate of the proportion of homosexuals who have used the new laws to marry is in the American state of Massachusetts, with 16.7% tying the knot. But this seems to be an exception. In the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage has been established the longest, the percentage was far lower.

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July 01 2006 By virtueonline John Danforth: Ban on gay marriage is "silly"; most Episcopalians "don't care.."

Danforth, also a former U.S. envoy to Sudan, told the Presiding Bishop's forum, "Toward a Reconciled World," at the convention on June 15 that "Virtually all of the public attention on this General Convention has been on the issue of sexual orientation...bear in mind that over 99 percent of the people in the United States are not Episcopalians and they really don't care, with all due respect, Bishop Griswold, who our bishops are.

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June 04 2006 By virtueonline Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy

As an exercise in marketing and merchandising, this strategy is the most brilliant playing of the race card in recent memory. Not since the "poverty pimps" of 35 years ago, who leveraged the guilt and sense of fair play of the American public to hustle affirmative action set-asides, have we witnessed so brazen a misuse of African-American history for partisan purposes.

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May 18 2006 By virtueonline The Politics of Family Breakdown - by Stephen Baskeville

Contrary to another persistent myth, when minor children are involved, the divorcing parent is overwhelmingly likely to be the mother. Arizona State University psychologist Sanford Braver has shown that at least two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women. Few of these divorces involve grounds, such as desertion, adultery, or violence.

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May 10 2006 By virtueonline AP reports 'gay brain' study incorrectly

In response to an e-mail inquiry from Grove City College Professor of Psychology Dr. Warren Throckmortion, researcher Dr. Ivanka Savic of the Stockholm Brain Institute said of the AP interpretation of her work, "This is incorrect and not stated in the paper."

The study was published in the May 9, 2006, edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, although the link to the piece was not available at the academy's website as of yesterday.

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May 10 2006 By virtueonline Banned in Boston - by Maggie Gallagher

How did this tragedy happen?

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May 09 2006 By virtueonline Bishop: "I, for one, will cease my financial support for Amnesty International" reported Friday that Amnesty's UK branch has already decided to approve abortion advocacy and the Canadian branch is to decide by May 20.

"It is impossible that one could have a 'right' to do something at odds with human nature and the dignity of the human person," added Bishop Henry.

Bishop Henry explained that Amnesty's proposed move is contrary to its own mandate.

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