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By David W. Virtue, DD
September 2, 2021

It has been slowly dawning on me that Satan's real work of destroying and deconstructing the Christian Faith in the Anglican Communion is not the obvious or bald-faced lie. Christians can easily spot it and mercifully reject it. Tens of millions of Anglicans, mostly from Africa, Asia and South America have seen through the lie of homosexuality.

But what Satan is masterful at is the half-truth, the counterfeit lie and "Did God say"?

Over the years I have watched as a number of Anglo-Catholics who could not accept the full declaration of their faith, morph into something called Affirming Catholicism.

Affirming Catholicism, sometimes referred to as AffCath, is a movement that began in 1990 at St. Alban's Church, in London. It was created by a number of Anglo-Catholic clergy in the Diocese of London who had been marginalized within, or expelled from, existing Anglo-Catholic groups because of their support for women's ordination to the priesthood. It developed a theological stance which was staunchly liberal in matters of inclusivity, but was traditionally Catholic in matters of liturgy and the centrality and theology of the sacraments. At the same time, the movement believed that traditional restrictions on who may receive the sacraments should be re-examined. Later they affirmed that homosexuality was good and right in the eyes of God.

Today they have gone from being a handful of clergy, to include bishops and archbishops in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Three come to mind.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is a self-declared Affirming Catholic; the present Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell has also said he is an AffCath as is the former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Frank Griswold.

When you consider the havoc they have wrought on the Anglican Communion, one must consider if the counterfeit Christianity they are pushing is ultimately the work of Satan.

Consider the following.

We now know that the entire Communion was in danger of coming unraveled had Williams pushed homosexuality onto the Communion. The book Who Blinks First? is a page turning story of how one man -- Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola - held Williams' feet to the fire and refused to blink. He spent a decade keeping Williams at bay; as in one venue after another, Williams did his best to make Akinola blink and accept what he thought was the inevitable -- the homosexualization of the Anglican Communion.

It is deeply ironic that this book has not been reviewed by any mainstream Anglican media like the ACNS, ENS, The Living Church or even smaller media outfits like Thinking Anglicans, Anglican Ink or AnglicanTV. Why? Because it is a hot potato of truth telling that would destroy all their cherished notions that the communion can continue doing business as usual or at a minimum stay together as a family albeit unhappily (Williams). It would destroy the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) course, the final step to full inclusion of homosexuals in the Church of England and the current nonsense talk of York Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.

We saw what happened when Affirming Catholic Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold presided over The Episcopal Church. He brokered in Gene Robinson as the first openly homosexual bishop, causing a rift that saw more than 100,000 Episcopalians leave TEC for the emerging Anglican Church in North America. He single-handedly broke the back of TEC, a destruction from which it has never recovered and never will. TEC has lost some 87 bishops who have joined the ACNA College of Bishops and hundreds of clergy.

The latest Affirming Catholic, Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York was revealed by British Anglican commentator Peter Mullens for what he is.

In a story titled, The Archbishop who apologises for the Bible, he writes, "Stephen the godlike doesn't have much time for the Bible. Introducing the Old Testament prophets, he says, 'If you ever find yourself getting round to reading them.' Patronizing or what? Is that the way for a shepherd to speak to his flock? He has no more respect for his readers' knowledge of the New Testament than he has for our acquaintance with the Old. In fact, he expresses a disdain amounting to contempt when he writes, 'So if you do ever get round to reading the accounts of Jesus's life in the Gospels . . .' I had to rub my eyes. Did an archbishop really say that knowing something about the life of Jesus is optional?

"Cottrell apologises for the Bible: 'Sorry, I'm quoting from the Bible again.' Is he ashamed of his own sacred scriptures? The sense is of a teenage lad caught looking at a mucky book."

"There is nothing recognisably Christian in Dear England, a new book by Cottrell, only the familiar woke agenda cast once more in the face of an ineffably bored public, this time with a slightly awkward ecclesiastical gesture as if Cottrell's aim had been impeded by the folds of his magnificent cope."

Mullens reports, "Stephen Cottrell, the arch-seculariser has ascended so far as to receive the title Primate of England. But I could never reach the centre of his mind."

He concludes, "Archbishop of York? I would not let him stand at the back of church to give out the hymnbooks."

Satan's genius is beyond dispute. Twist the truth enough to make it look like the 'faith once for all delivered to the saints' but in truth, it is light years from that, distorting the truth, driving a nail into the very heart of the faith and the faithful.


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