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Communion Partner Bishops Stand with Bishop Love by not Standing with Bishop Love

Communion Partner Bishops Stand with Bishop Love by not Standing with Bishop Love

By David W. Virtue, DD
October 4, 2019

It must be one of the worst cases of virtue-signaling hypocrisy stemming from the pens of the Episcopal Church's Communion Partner bishops ever. They have put forth a "Minneapolis Statement" allegedly in defense of a fellow CP Bishop William Love of Albany that costs them absolutely nothing.

Bishop Love has been "partially inhibited", his diocese faces huge financial problems, he has at least four rebellious (progressive) priests who want out from under him so they can marry queers in their parishes, and PB Michael Curry is using the disciplinary canons to bring him up on a hearing with phony charges that GC resolutions, like B012, matter more than God's word written on human sexuality.

Here is what they wrote:

"In light of that fellowship, we note with great concern the disciplinary action now moving forward against our brother, Bishop Bill Love. We stand in solidarity with him. We are dismayed that latitude is extended to some in the enforcement of canons, but not to others. We continue to seek adaptive solutions to the current difficulty that will ensure a lasting path forward for mutual flourishing."

'Solidarity'! 'Adaptive solutions'! 'lasting path forward'! This is episcobabble of the worst sort. These gentlemen of the purple are risking absolutely nothing with this hortatory nonsense. They are nothing more than paper tigers and quislings. What solidarity? Love faces a trial, they do not. What adaptive solutions? Adapting what to who? There aren't any. They caved in by asking another bishop to do the dirty work they refuse to do. What lasting path forward? There isn't one. The path forward was the birth of the Anglican Church in North America which they chose to ignore, but which is slowly eating their lunch.

These Communion Partner bishops give lip service, but are truly wimps and cowards. They seem to know what is right but are unwilling to risk anything. They would have done or said anything to avoid the arena with the lions. These hypocrites keep supporting the progressive views of the Episcopal Church while telling martyrs like Bishop Love that they are really sorry that he must suffer. There's courage for you. They believe that if they offer incense to the lions, the lions will be happy to sniff the air and walk away to eat slave meat. The Bishop of Springfield, Daniel Martins recently wrote a lofty paper on OURSELVES, OUR SOULS AND BODIES: A Pastoral Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage; a compromise on same-sex marriage. You can view it here: https://www.episcopalspringfield.org/toward-generous-faithfulness-about-marriage/

It is Bishop Love who is "abiding by the promises and vows he made when ordained", it is the CP bishops are who guilty of "conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy" ratifying so-called marriages that are not marriages at all by any biblical standard.

And they will leave him to swing in the wind while they bow and scrape to 815 2nd Avenue, NY, NY risking nothing.

The Communion Partner Bishops also said they hoped to approach next summer's Lambeth Conference "in all humility, as listeners and learners with our brothers and sisters across the Anglican Communion," and they commended the vision for the Conference set out in an open letter from last May, coauthored by one of their own, Bishop George Sumner of Dallas.

Listening and learning to what exactly? They know that the vast majority of global Anglicans refuse to accept homosexual behavior and homosexual marriages and that the same majority upholds Lambeth 1:10 as the sexual gold standard for the communion. The Communion Partner Bishops also know Archbishop Welby won't touch the issue with a barge pole next year in Canterbury, but you can be sure that same sex partners of bishops will kick up a fuss and hold press conferences beating up on Welby's lack of inclusiveness.

The Communion Partner Bishops also know that most orthodox bishops of the communion will not be at Lambeth, having already gone to GAFCON in Rwanda. So who exactly are they bowing and scraping to "in all humility."

This is faux humility based on the simple desire that they do not want to face the truth about homosexual marriage and want to stay in the Anglican club which is now de facto split.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Here is the list of CP bishops.

The Rt. Rev. Lloyd Allen
Bishop of Honduras

The Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt
Bishop of Tennessee

The Rt. Rev. Gregory O. Brewer
Bishop of Central Florida

The Rt. Rev. Francisco Duque-Gómez
Bishop of Colombia

The Rt. Rev. Daniel H. Martins
Bishop of Springfield

The Rt. Rev. Moises Quezada Mota
Bishop of the Dominican Republic

The Rt. Rev. Michael G. Smith
Assistant Bishop of Dallas

The Rt. Rev. George R. Sumner
Bishop of Dallas


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