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Church of England is heading down the same pathway as the American Episcopal Church over Pansexuality

Church of England is heading down the same pathway as the American Episcopal Church over Pansexuality
Living in Love and Faith will erode biblical foundations of traditional marriage

By David W. Virtue, DD
November 11, 2020

It's dejà vu all over again.

A report released this week by the Church of England titled "Living in Love and Faith" (LLF) will confirm to all orthodox Anglicans globally, that the Mother Church is now embracing a variety of sexual behaviors including homosexuality and transgenderism in defiance of Scripture. That action will further link the CoE more closely to the American Episcopal Church and alienate it even further from the Global South and GAFCON.

It is thought to be the largest research and consultation project into identity and sexuality carried out by a Christian church. The LLF report will come complete with a book, video course, films, podcasts and online library, but it will not, we are told, be a policy document. It will not change Church teaching or doctrine but will help church members discuss the issues which have led to serious disagreements within the Anglican Communion.

Released this week, LLF openly and deliberately pushes multiple sexualities on video and word that fully embrace homosexual behavior and transgenderism. Scripture plays a secondary role in determining truth about sexuality.

According to The Rev. Canon Oliver O'Donovan an Oxford scholar, theologians and other experts were petitioned for their views, but they were made to listen more carefully and at greater length to the strong feelings of ordinary worshippers -- "the cries of their hearts," as they are rather flowerily referred to. A network of interlocking task forces was deployed under the patient coordination of the Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth. No formal conclusions were sought, and the extensive reflections on the consultation are presented, not for "adoption" but to be "engaged with." The engagements are meant to be as wide as possible, and the work is disseminated in multi-media format, the text of the book being supplemented by on-line and video resources.

Traditional marriage, we are told, is "ripe for development", does not invalidate it, but neither is the suggestion of development ruled out. Our current situation simply demands that we undertake some exploratory questioning around it. The doctrine we have received affords a rich Christian starting-point for a hopeful Christian exploration of what it is possible for the church consistently to think and do, said O'Donovan.

Both the archbishops of Canterbury and York have signed off on the report.

The House of Bishops appointed the Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, to chair a small group of bishops who will encourage the Church of England's parishes, deaneries and dioceses to work through the LLF teaching resources and provide feedback to the House of Bishops and, ultimately, the General Synod. So the idea here is to prepare the churches and parishioners to dumb down biblical teaching on sexuality and prepare them for the sexual takeover of the churches by pansexualists.

So, the feelings and whine of a handful of pansexualists matters more than the timeless truths of Scripture on how we should behave.

The CofE will begin the long march away from biblical standards of marriage exclusively between a man and woman in life-long union to the full acceptance of pansexual options alien to history, tradition and, most importantly Holy Scripture. The Church of England is attempting the impossible -- to change God's mind for Him. They will thread the needle, only to find the needle is bent and useless for sewing.

And it will end, as it ended in the Episcopal Church, with the last orthodox bishop strangled with the entrails of the last Presiding Bishop. The action will be aided and abetted by a score of conflicted high-minded theologians and Communion Partner like bishops.

Just ask Albany Bishop William Love.

And, like the Episcopal Church, the Church of England will have its useful evangelical idiots in the CEEC as well as Bishop Rod Thomas and a handful of lonely, isolated evangelicals who wish not to feel the pain of exclusion.

The overall plan is to encapsulate Evangelicals in a small protected bubble (like the Anglo-Catholics opposed to Women's Ordination) and for the Church of England to corporately continue its Erastian descent into Hades.

It is, as one insightful theologian observed, "three years of synodical time and very substantial financial costs, all with the intention of synchronizing with TEC."

Unlike TEC, the CofE will stick the knife in slowly to evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics who don't conform, over tea and crumpets, preferably a snifter of brandy around tea time. You are dead of course, but the pain will be minimal.

To read the Live in Love and Faith report click here: https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/living-love-and-faith


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