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June 16 2011 By virtueonline BELLEVUE, WA:Text of Cardinal Wuerl's on Implementation of Anglicanorum Coetibus

On March 23, 2010, I gave a report to the USCCB Administrative Committee. In the context of that report, I attempted to answer questions and also solicited the observations of the bishops on establishing an Ordinariate in the United States. Subsequent to the meeting, the bishops' responses were compiled in a report, which also included observations by USCCB Senior Staff.

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June 14 2011 By virtueonline AUSTRALIA: Why I Resigned from the ACCA

Upon our return, pressure was put on me to make a decision and as a result I analysed the available documents thoroughly and came to the conclusion that my initial impression was correct: what was being asked of me was to convert to the Roman Catholic Faith and to subscribe to dogmas which were not part of the doctrine and faith of the ACCA when I joined her, or when I was ordained, and which I could not accept.

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June 14 2011 By virtueonline Leading ex-Anglo-Catholic shuts down blog

His blog "Fr Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes" was read by many in the blogosphere and has received extensive support and prayers.

A distinguished intellectual, Fr Hunwicke opened his last blog post with the words: "I had better share with my friends the distressing news that my ordination within the Catholic Church has been 'deferred'.

"Despite everything, I remain convinced that the ordinariate is the only means of achieving the great vision of the Catholic Revival."

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May 25 2011 By virtueonline Joan Lewis (EWTN): Interview with Cardinal Donald Wuerl on the Ordinariate

I'd love right now to turn to another subject that actually is dear to both of us - the Ordinariate. That's the new structure in the Church for welcoming numbers of Anglicans - faithful bishops, priests - into the Catholic Church. We're not talking a single layperson who wanted to become Catholic - they would go through the normal procedure.

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May 17 2011 By virtueonline What is over? You may ask - Robert Hart

Such an explosion occurred with the Hepworth letter. The proverbial it is over.

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May 12 2011 By virtueonline United Kingdom Ordinariate Takes Shape

The jurisdiction, a novelty in canon law, was created by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith following requests from the five former Anglican bishops, now married Catholic priests, who make up the leadership of the new Personal Ordinariate.

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May 10 2011 By virtueonline BALA CYNWYD, PA: Breakaway Anglicans set to join Roman Catholic Church

If they do so, it will be as part of a personal ordinariate for Anglicans who join the Catholic Church as authorized by the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus (Groups of Anglicans) issued by Pope Benedict XVI in October 2009.

One such ordinariate has already been established for England and Wales, and several others are under consideration, including one for the United States.

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May 07 2011 By virtueonline HOLLYWOOD, CA: St. Mary's Votes to Join Anglican Ordinariate

Before I came to this Parish, the matter of the larger visible unity of Christ's Church was layed before the Anglican Church in America, and the world-wide Traditional Anglican Communion. Indeed, it is our Lord's prayer that the unity of His Church be such as to make the world believe that He is the Messiah. Such unity, after centuries of fractures and divisions, could not come about without humble acts of reconciliation; but these can only be effective if done in obedience to Christ.

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May 03 2011 By virtueonline Vatican sees no future for married clergy in Anglican Ordinariate

Cardinal Bertone added that Anglican clergy seeking full communion with the church of Rome should undergo training with "other diocesan seminarians, thereby ensuing them serious academic, pastoral and spiritual preparation. The acceptance of these Anglicans will be considered in the context of their allegiance to the doctrine and practices of the Catholic church."


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April 09 2011 By virtueonline The Anglican Ordinariate and the Reform of the Reform

Let us then briefly consider some of these aspects.

Hieratic Vernacular Expressions of Worship

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