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July 12 2013 By virtueonline VATICAN CITY:Pope Modifies Norms for Catholics Seeking Anglican Ordinariate

A term coined by Blessed Pope John Paul II, the New Evangelization is the common term for bringing the Gospel to formerly Christian nations, and it can be seen in the new outreach to people who were baptized as Catholics but who never completed the process of Christian initiation.

Benedict XVI allowed for the groups to be set up with his 2009 apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which provided for Anglican communities wishing to enter into the Catholic Church.

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July 06 2013 By virtueonline Amendment to Apostolic Constitution Complementary Norms Emphasizes Evangelism

The modification addresses a particular question of who is eligible for membership in the Ordinariate. Here is the modification in the Complementary Norms:

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June 17 2013 By virtueonline Pope notes Anglicans' efforts to understand setting up of ordinariate

In a public address, following private talks that last just over 30 minutes, Francis said he was "sure" the Anglican Ordinariate, erected in 2009, would "enable the spiritual, liturgical and pastoral traditions that form the Anglican patrimony to be better known and appreciated in the Catholic world".

It was the first meeting between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Rome, after taking up their respective ministries in March within days of each other.

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May 07 2013 By virtueonline Rowan Williams' aide slates ordinariate

Richardson said the former Archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams, and Pope Emeritus Benedict had had a good relationship but could talk "frankly" on points of contention.

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March 18 2013 By virtueonline A Note from Monsignor Steenson on Papal Rejection of Ordinariate

To be in communion with Peter brings a confidence we never knew as Anglicans. Pope Francis understands the pilgrim character of our communities and will be a wise and caring pastor to us.


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February 21 2013 By virtueonline MARYLAND: Majority of St. Timothy's Episcopal votes to enter Catholic Church

Slater stated, "This has been a thoughtful, prayerful and respectful process. While the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland is saddened when any of its members leaves one of its parishes, we rejoice that several members of St. Timothy's have found a new spiritual home and we wish God's blessing on them."

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January 17 2013 By virtueonline Northern Virginia Welcomes Three New Members into Ordinariate

This marks the first time that members who are Ordinariate-bound will be received in Virginia. Fr. Randolph Sly, who is assigned as an Associate Priest for St. Luke’s, serves Chaplain of the SJFOC.

A former Anglican priest archbishop who was ordained a Catholic priest in June of 2012, he celebrates a weekly Anglican Use Mass at 5pm on Sunday at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church.

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December 12 2012 By virtueonline OXFORD: Community of St Mary the Virgin enters Ordinariate

CSMV was born in the Oxford Movement and has always been an Anglican community within that tradition. Some sisters were experiencing a call to remain Anglicans within this tradition, whilst others were experiencing a call to come into full communion with the Catholic Church whilst also continuing this tradition.

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November 14 2012 By virtueonline BALTIMORE, MD: Monsignor Steenson gives USCCB update on Ordinariate of St. Peter

Late Monday afternoon, Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson returned to the floor of the USCCB as the founding Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, making him a full member of that body of Catholic bishops as he oversees an ecclesial jurisdiction encompassing the entire United States and Canada. He came with a power point program of pictures and accompanying texts to update the entire USCCB membership on how the Ordinariate's establishment and early growth is going.

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November 14 2012 By virtueonline ROCHESTER, NY: New Anglican group joins Catholic Church

"Hopefully we will all get along beautifully," Scott said. "I wouldn't have missed this for anything."

The impetus Scott and others needed to begin the process of joining the Catholic Church was provided by Pope Benedict XVI's 2009 establishment of personal ordinariates that welcome Anglicans into the church while allowing them to maintain some Anglican liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions.

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