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Anglican Women Bishops: Who are they?

Anglican Women Bishops: Who are they?
The name of every known Anglican Communion bishopette in the world

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
May 4, 2022

More than 100 women have been elected Anglican bishops since Barbara Harris was elected a Massachusetts bishop suffragan in 1988. A total of 123 bishopettes have been consecrated in 104 dioceses spread across 15 nationwide Anglican provinces on six continents and five Islands. Three women have served in two separate provincial jurisdictions. They are twice tallied because they are members of two separate House of Bishops.

Today, some of the early female bishops have hung up their mitres during their golden retirement years, others move from diocese to diocese, even from one Anglican province to another in their own version of Have-Mitre-Will-Travel. A few have died, one has been deposed and stripped of all of her sacred orders, and at least one is waiting in the wings to be consecrated.

Obviously, The Episcopal Church leads the world in the number of Anglican women in its House of Bishops (46); followed by the Church of England (29); and then the Anglican Church of Canada (20) and Anglican Church of Australia (10).

New Zealand has five and Wales has four women bishops; Southern Africa and Kenya each have two women bishops; with Brazil, Cuba, Ireland, Scotland, South India, South Sudan, and Japan having a sole woman bishop.

Who are these women bishops and where did they first serve?

The Episcopal Church is a relatively new Province in Anglican Church history, but the Church of England has many ancient dioceses. In the ancient dioceses, which span back to the Reformation and even beyond to St. Augustine of Canterbury, the diocesan bishop's number is counted from the modern configuration of the ancient diocese.

WORLDWIDE: 123 Anglican female bishops have been consecrated.

(46 Women bishops)

1989: Barbara Harris (Massachusetts-suffragan);
1992: Jane Dixon (Washington, DC-suffragan);
1993: Mary McLeod (IX Vermont);
1996: Catherine Roskam (New York- suffragan);
1996: Geralyn Wolf (XII Rhode Island);
1996: Carolyn Tanner Irish (X Utah);
1997: Catherine Waynick (X Indianapolis);
1998: Chilton Knutsen (VIII Maine);
2001: Katherine Jefferts Schori (V Nevada);
2002: Carol Joy Gallagher (Southern Virginia-suffragan);
2003: Gayle Harris (Massachusetts-suffragan);
2005: Nedi Rivera (Olympia-suffragan);
2006: Dena Harris (Texas-suffragan);
2007: Laura Ahrens (Connecticut-suffragan);
2007: Mary Gray-Reeves (III El Camino Real);
2010: Diane Bruce (Los Angeles-suffragan);
2010: Mary Glasspool (Los Angeles-suffragan);
2011: Mariann Budde (IX Washington, DC);
2012: Susan Goff (Virginia-suffragan);
2013: Anne Hodges-Copple (North Carolina-suffragan);
2014: Heather Cook (Maryland-suffragan);
2015: Audrey Scanlan (XI Central Pennsylvania);
2016: DeDe Duncan-Probe (XI Central New York);
2017: Gretchen Rehberg (XI Spokane);
2017: Jennifer Bakersville-Burrows (XI Indianapolis);
2017: Jennifer Brooke-Davidson (West Texas-suffragan);
2018: Carlye Hughes (XI Newark);
2019: Cathleen Bascom (X Kansas);
2019: Jennifer Riddall (VI Arizona);
2019: Phoebe Roaf (VI West Tennessee);
2019: Kymberly Lucas (XI Colorado);
2019: Kathryn Ryan (Texas-suffragan);
2019: Susan Brown Snook (V San Diego);
2019: Megan Traquair (VIII Northern California);
2019: Shannon MacVean-Brown (XI Vermont);
2019: Martha Stebbins (X Montana);
2020: Lucinda Ashby (IV El Camino Real);
2020: Susan Haynes (XI Southern Virginia);
2020: Bonnie Perry (XI Michigan);
2020: Glenda Curry (XII Alabama);
2020: Griselda Delgado del Carpio (III Cuba -- transferred from Extra Provincial jurisdiction);
2021: Diana Akiyama (XI Oregon);
2021: Ruth Woodliff-Stanley (XV South Carolina);
2021: Ketlen Solak (IX Pittsburgh);
2021: Betsy Monnot (X Iowa); and
2022: Elizabeth Gardner (VII Nevada).

(29 Women bishops)

2015: Libby Lane (Bishop of Stockport in Derby);
2015: Alison White (Bishop of Hull in York);
2015: Sarah Mullally (Bishop of Crediton in Exeter);
2015: Rachel Treweek (XI Gloucester);
2015: Anne Hollinghurt (Bishop of Aston in Birmingham);
2015: Ruth Worsley (Bishop of Taunton in Bath & Wells);
2015: Christine Hardman (XII Newcastle);
2016: Karen Gorham (Bishop of Sherborne in Salisbury);
2016: Janet McFarlane (Bishop of Repton in Derby);
2016: Jo Bailey Wells (Bishop of Dorking in Guilford);
2017: Guli Francis-Dehqani (Bishop of Loughborough in Leicester);
2017: Helen-Ann Hartley (Bishop of Ripon in Leeds -- transferred from New Zealand);
2018: Beverly Mason (Bishop of Warrington in Liverpool);
2018: Jacqueline Searle (Bishop of Crediton in Exeter);
2018: Vivienne Faull (IX Bristol);
2018: Jillian Duff (Bishop of Lancaster in Blackburn)
2019: Emma Ineson (Bishop of Penrith in Carlisle);
2019: Sarah Clark (Bishop of Jarrow in Durham);
2019: Sarah Bullock (Bishop of Shrewsbury in Litchfield);
2019: Joanne Grenfell (Bishop of Stepney in London);
2019: Deborah Selling (Bishop of Southampton in Winchester);
2019: Dagmar Winter (Bishop of Huntington in Ely);
2019: Rose Hudson-Wilken (Bishop of Dover in Canterbury);
2019: Olivia Graham (Bishop of Reading in Oxford);
2020: Sophie Jelley (Bishop of Donchester in Sheffield);
2020: Ruth Bushyager (Bishop of Horsham in Chichester);
2021: Jane Steen (Bishop of Lynn in Norwich);
2021: Julie Ann Conalty (Bishop of Birkenhead in Chester); and
2022: Lynn Cullens (Bishop of Barking in Chelmsford).

(20 Women bishops)

1993: Victoria Matthews (Bishop of York-Credit Valley in Toronto -- transferred to New Zealand);
1997: Ann Tottenham (Bishop of York-Credit Valley in Toronto);
2003: Sue Moxley (Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Suffragan);
2008: Jane Alexander (X Edmonton);
2008: Linda Nicholls (Bishop of Trent-Durham in Toronto);
2009: Barbara Andrews (Territory of the People-suffragan);
2010: Lydia Mamakwa (Keewaton-suffragan);
2013: Melissa Skelton (IX New Westminster);
2015: Mary Irwin-Gibson (XII Montreal);
2016: Riscylla Walsh-Shaw (Bishop of Trent-Durham in Toronto);
2016: Jenny Andison (Bishop of York-Credit Valley in Toronto);
2016: Anne Germond (XI Algoma);
2018: Susan Bell (XII Niagara);
2019: Lesley Wheeler-Dame (XI the Yukon);
2019: Lynne McNaughton (X Kooteney);
2019: Annie Ittoshat (the Arctic-suffragan);
2019: Lucy Netser (the Arctic-suffragan);
2020: Sandra Fyfe (V Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island);
2021: Anna Greenwood Lee (XIV British Columbia); and
2022: Helen Kennedy (XIII Qu'Appelle).

(10 Women bishops)

2008: Kay Goldsworth (Perth-assistant);
2008: Barbara Darling (Melbourne-assistant);
2012: Genevieve Blackwell (Canberra & Goulburn-assistant);
2013: Alison Taylor (Brisbane-assistant);
2014: Sarah MacNeil (XI Grafton);
2015: Kate Wilmont (Perth-assistant);
2018: Sonia Roulston (Newcastle-assistant);
2018: Kate Prowd (Melbourne-assistant);
2019: Denise Ferguson (Adelaide-assistant); and
2020: Carol Wagner (Canberra & Goulburn-assistant).

(5 Women bishops)

1989: Penny Jamieson (VIII Dunedin);
2008: Victoria Matthews (VIII Christchurch -- transferred from Canada);
2014: Helen-Ann Hartley (VII Waikato -- transferred to England);
2017: Eleanor Sanderson (Wellington-assistant); and
2019: Wai Quayle (II Te Pīhopa o Te Upoko o Te Ika).

(4 Women bishops)

2016: Joanna Penberthy (XI St. David's);
2017: June Osborne (IX Llandaff);
2020: Cherry Vann (XI Monmouth); and
2022: Mary Stallard (Bangor-assistant).

(2 Women bishops)
2012: Ellinah Wamukoya (V Swaziland); and
2013: Margaret Vertue (II False Bay).

(2 Women bishops)
2013: Emily Onyango (Bondo-assistant); and
2021: Rose Okeno (IV Butere).

(2 Women bishops)
2007: Nerva Cot Aguilera (Cuba-suffragan); and
2010: Griselda Delgado del Carpio (III Cuba -- transferred to The Episcopal Church).

(1 Woman bishop)
2018: Marinez Santos Bassotto (II the Amazon).

(1 Woman bishop)
2013: Pat Storey (IV Meath & Kildare).

(1 Woman bishop)
2022: Maria Grace Tazu Sasamori (IX Hokkaidō).

(1 Woman bishop)
2018: Anne Dryer (XII Aberdeen & Orkney).

(1 Woman bishop)
2013: Pushpa Lalitha (VII Nandyal).

(1 Woman bishop)
2016: Elizabeth Awut Ngor (Rumbek-assistant).

(Women bishops-elect)

2020: Paula Clark (Bishop-elect XIII Chicago); Consecration put on hold due to health issues -- The Episcopal Church;
2022: Marlene Rosemarie Mallett (Bishop-designate of Croydon in Southwark) Consecration date: June 24 -- Church of England; and
2022: Phyllis Spiegel (Bishop-elect XII Utah) Consecration date: September 17 -- The Episcopal Church.

(Women bishops who have crossed Anglican Provincial borders)

Helen-Ann Hartley
2014: New Zealand -- XII Waikato;
2017: England -- Bishop of Ripon in Leeds.

Victoria Matthews
1993: Canada -- Bishop of York-Credit Valley in Toronto;
2008: New Zealand -- XIII Christchurch.

Katherine Jefferts Schori
2009: Presiding Bishop -- The Episcopal Church;
2010: Mitregate -- By ecclesial canons and civil law, visiting female Anglican bishops were not permitted to wear a bishop's regalia -- including the miter -- in England before women were made bishops in the Church of England.

Griselda Delgado del Carpio
2010: III Cuba -- Extra Provincial jurisdiction under the Archbishop of Canterbury;
2020: III Cuba -- The Episcopal Church.

Susan Goff
2012: Virginia-suffragan -- The Episcopal Church;
2016: Licensed as an honorary Assisting Bishop of Liverpool -- Church of England.


2009: Katherine Jefferts Schori (V Nevada) becomes XXVI Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church;
2016: Susan Goff (Virginia-suffragan) is licensed as an honorary Assisting Bishop of Liverpool;
2017: Kay Goldsworth (Perth-assistant) becomes the XIII Archbishop of Perth and Metropolitan of Western Australia;
2018: Melissa Skelton (IX New Westminster) becomes the Archbishop of New Westminster and the XII Metropolitan of British Columbia and the Yukon;
2018: Anne Germond (XI Algoma) becomes the Archbishop of Algoma & Moosonee and the XIX Metropolitan of Ontario;
2019: Linda Nicholls (Bishop of Trent-Durham in Toronto) becomes the XIV Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada;
2021: Lynne McNaughton (X Bishop of Kootenay) becomes the Archbishop of Kootenay and the XIII Metropolitan of British Columbia and the Yukon; and
2021: Emma Ineson (Bishop of Penrith in Carlisle) becomes the Bishop to the Bishops of Canterbury and York.

2010: Nerva Cot Aguilera (Cuba-suffragan);
2012: Jane Dixon (Washington, DC-suffragan);
2015: Barbara Darling (Melbourne assistant);
2020: Barbara Harris (Massachusetts-suffragan); and
2021: Ellinah Wamukoya (V Swaziland).

2015: Heather Cook (Maryland-suffragan).

Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas. She is a regular contributor to VirtueOnline

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