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AAF Petition to the Episcopal Church General Convention 2022

AAF Petition to the Episcopal Church General Convention 2022
Repeal of Dennis Canon sought

By Brad Hutt
April 2, 2022

Resolved that the American Anglican Fellowship Trustees Inc. and the undersigned members and former members of the Episcopal Church U.S.A. hereby petition the House of Bishops of the General Convention 2022 to present a Resolution to repeal the Dennis Canon I.7.4 and I.7.5 in its entirety to end the 40 year old church property dispute; a dispute that has resulted in an unprecedented division in the Episcopal Church U.S.A.; lawsuits against its own member churches losing tens of thousands of faithful church members and more than 700 clergy, expenditures of an estimated $62 million dollars of church funds in legal fees and associated costs; and be it further

Resolved that this 2022 Convention reinstate all 700 or more deposed clergy for abandonment of Communion who upheld their ordination vows in this dispute, with full rights, benefits and privileges returned, including renewal of their licenses.

Explanation: These unprecedented, uncanonical actions have divided families and destroyed friendships on both sides of the debate, suffering, and undue hardship and pain among the Children of God, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

It is time to end this church dispute to right a wrong, it is not how Christians resolve disputes, it is time to forgive and forget, and to love one other, as we are all children of God, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

American Anglican Fellowship inc. Trustees

Bradley Hutt, Co- Founder and Chair
David Bickel, Co-Founder
James Brown, Co- Founder
Nancy Virts
Robert England
Emily Volz

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