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Syphilis Up. Liberals Aid Homosexuality

Syphilis Up. Liberals Aid Homosexuality

by Grant Swank
News & Commentary
January 11, 2007

While such theologically liberal denominations as the Episcopal Church continue to baptize practicing homosexual lifestyles as God ordained, they add to the increase of sexually transmitted diseases.

It is supposed to be the mission of the Christian church to preach the gospel of salvation through Christ. Yet the theologically liberal denominations have side lined that biblical mandate for their own politically liberal causes, one prime one being the encouraging of active homosexuality.

These congregations are usually known as "inclusive churches," that is, their yard signs read that homosexuals in particular are welcomed there. And the welcome is not to introduce the homosexuals to the alternative lifestyle of holiness in Christ but a continuance of practicing homosexuality.

All the while, these supposedly sophisticated congregations further disease, particularly such outbreaks as syphilis. According to Xinhua.net, "new syphilis cases rose nationwide in US for the fourth consecutive year in 2004, federal health researchers said on Tuesday."

The news feed goes further to specify that the "syphilis increase was especially significant among gay men. . ."

Aligning with the Episcopal Church are the United Church of Christ (Congregational) and Unitarian Universalist Society. These groups have made it front line public relations to speak for active homosexuals. Instead of the biblical teachings, their pulpits have been particularly active in preaching sermons devoted to accepting homosexual interchanges as heaven blessed.

The liberal press has made little of the liberal denominations aiding the increase of sexually transmitted diseases, yet that is exactly what has resulted from the denominational apostasy voted in by the denominations' voting assemblies in recent years.

Xinhuanet states further that "the report also showed a rise in chlamydia cases. . .

"The rate of primary and secondary syphilis, the earliest and most infectious stages of the disease, rose 8 percent to 2.7 cases per 100,000 people last year, the fourth straight year of increase since an all-time low in 2000, the CDC said.

"'We do have good evidence that men are engaging in higher risk behaviors,' said Ronald Valdiserri, acting director of the CDC's HIV, STD and Tuberculosis prevention programs.

"Taking those diseases into account, Valdiserri said, the total number of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States each year is about 19 million, almost half of them among people ages 15 to 24."

Theologically conservative churches remain loyal to regarding the Bible as divine revelation; therefore, these congregations preach personal salvation through Christ. That preaching does not permit deleting portions of the Bible for the convenience of sin.

Conservative congregations are usually categorized as "evangelical." Therefore, the evangelical witness maintains that all persons, including homosexuals, are welcomed at their churches. They will then be introduced to the living Christ and His holiness lifestyle which supplants the active homosexual lifestyle.

Frequently the theologically liberal churches criticize evangelical congregations of shunning homosexuals. But that is not so. Instead, evangelical churches invite homosexuals to their worships in order for the homosexuals to learn of the alternative Christian lifestyle of holiness.

By turning from active homosexual lifestyles to Christian holiness, such conversions then lower the possibility of coming upon sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, not only is the soul made right before God but the body likewise wards off sexually transmitted illnesses.


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