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Special Report

By David Virtue

The president of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh, ("PEP") an
"inclusive" organization dedicated to unseating orthodox Pittsburgh
Bishop Robert Duncan, has written an article praising incest between
brother and a sister.

The short story title Weekend Practice, "explores" in rather turgid
prose, the topic of sibling incest.

Lionel E. Deimel wrote the article "Weekend Practice" which is at his
website "Lionel Deimel Farrago" described as a diverse collection of
information, opinions, fiction, poetry, and trivia. (Farrago comes from
the word comes from the Latin for mixed fodder.)

He writes: "Janet and Michael had always been frank in discussing the
thornier details of growing up, a habit that made friends of both of
them uncomfortable. Michael was, after their mother, the next person to
know when Janet got her first period. He was first to know when Janet
went on the pill. Janet was a similarly privileged confidant when
Michael had his first ejaculation.

Michael’s “Do you want to talk about it?” was the beginning of another
long evening.

Evelyn arrived right on time early Monday morning. Whatever her
limitations, she was punctual. Janet was already packed. She assured
Michael that he didn't have to see her off, and she went out to the car

“How was the weekend?” asked Evelyn.

The corners of Janet's lips moved upward almost imperceptibly. “It was
good,” she said. “Good. I got lots of schoolwork done. I saw some
friends, and I worked in some really good downtime. I even got to see
Michael playing on the soccer team. He’s gotten really good.” And, she
thought, going to bed with Michael had been good practice."

This site also includes a "celebratory" poem for Playboy's 50th anniversary.

Deimel, who says he has a Ph.D., said the idea for this story occurred
to him after encountering the phrase “sibling incest”.

"The word “incest” had always brought to mind sex between fathers and
daughters, and this unfamiliar phrase suggested possibilities I had
never considered. I am an only child; it is hard even to imagine what
having a sibling—either male or female—might be like. Nonetheless,
writing the story was fun."

Deimel has been in the forefront of Progressive Episcopalians of
Pittsburgh ("PEP") an organization he describes as "wholeheartedly
inclusive." INTERPRETATION: pansexual.

"PEP seeks to preserve and build our church through local, national, and
international action. We provide a forum within the Diocese of
Pittsburgh for the free expression of ideas on contemporary issues,
where all persons are afforded respect and Godly grace and kindness,"

"I was already an active member of Progressive Episcopalians of
Pittsburgh (PEP) when Canon Robinson’s New Hampshire election was
ratified by General Convention. PEP soon found itself leading an effort
to resist Bishop Duncan’s attempt to break with the Episcopal Church,
and I became one of the leaders of this effort. A petition, two diocesan
conventions, many press interviews, and a host of other activities
later, I now find myself the first president of PEP. Alas, the fight for
a diverse, welcoming Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Pittsburgh (and,
in fact, in the nation generally) goes on."

"There is quite a story I could tell of PEP’s campaign against the
ultraconservatives in the diocese and the Episcopal Church. Were I a
compulsive blogger, I would have been telling this story as it happened.
This would probably have required my completely giving up both sleeping
and trying to make a living, so I will be only so apologetic for my lack
of diligence. I suspect that I will eventually get around to telling the

In an article titled "BABES AND SUCKLINGS" the revisionist Episcopal
layman offers this analysis of the Episcopal Church:

"The Anglican way has generally been to agree on how we worship and not
to inquire too deeply into your exact theological beliefs beyond the
basics. But the people who are supporting Bishop Duncan are very much
concerned about purity. They feel they have 'the' interpretation of
Scripture. It's very un-Anglican."

Midwest Conservative Journal writer Christopher S. Johnson unmasked
Deimel's progressive" agendum saying, "Read everything ever written by
Anglican theologians from Thomas Cranmer, Lancelot Andrewes and Richard
Hooker down to N. T. Wright, Alister McGrath and Kendall Harmon and you
will not find a better diagnosis of why the Episcopal Church is dying
than that one.

"Look around my parish," say diversetarians like Deimel, "see how many
types of Anglicans there are. That man over there thinks that Jesus
Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world and rose to life
again. The woman next to him thinks the Gospel stories should be read
figuratively while her lesbian lover, that woman next to her, isn't sure
what she believes about God or Jesus.

"Our book club just finished reading the new biography of the Dalai Lama
and we've just started a Cathar spirituality study group to see what the
dualist tradition can teach us. I hope you can stay for adult education
next Sunday because we're going to begin our 'Introduction to Islam'

"But what's great is that all of these groups can meet together to
worship God on Sundays. And isn't that what's really important?"

"No," writes Johnson, "If Mr. Deimel is any indication, liberal
Episcopalians don't worship Yahweh, they worship a concept. They are
rather like those French revolutionaries who turned Christian churches
into "temples of reason" during the French Revolution.

"It is indeed 'the Anglican way' to worship together when we have
differing ideas of how the Word of God is to be interpreted. But it is
most emphatically not 'the Anglican way' to worship together when I
believe in God as He is revealed in His Word while you worship a god of
your own invention," concluded Johnson.


David Virtue dvirtue236@AOL.com

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