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NOVA SCOTIA: Canadian Professor Fined for Stating Opposition to Homosexuality

Canadian Professor Fined for Stating Opposition to Homosexuality

By Jim Brown
July 26, 2006

(AgapePress) - A Canadian professor has been fined two weeks pay by a Nova Scotia university for telling a student that homosexuality is an unnatural lifestyle. But despite the disciplinary measures imposed against the educator, he says he refuses to succumb to the administration's "intimidation."

Cape Breton University (CBU) fined veteran history professor David Mullan $2,100 in response to two human rights complaints filed by a homosexual student who coordinates the campus' Sexual Diversity Office. The student took umbrage at two letters the professor had written to his former Anglican bishop two years ago.

The letters posted on Mullan's website criticized the bishop and the Anglican Church of Canada for their acceptance of homosexual "marriage." CBU student Shane Wallis was offended by the content of the professor's letters and lodged a formal human rights complaint with the university.

After the first complaint was lodged, Mullan responded to an unsolicited e-mail from Wallis, responding to the charge of a human rights offense and stating that "homosexuality is a repudiation of nature and the apotheosis of unbridled desire." The student then filed another complaint, and CBU officials decided to punish the professor.

Mullan claims CBU has "declared war on free speech." University officials "are trying to send a message about their seriousness concerning this harassment and discrimination policy," he says, "and I do believe the administration wants to use me 'pour encourages les autres' (to encourage the others) to toe the line. Well, it's an outrage, and I am grieving it."

The history scholar suggests that the same pro-homosexual attitude behind the university's actions seems to be at work throughout his country. He says giving protected status to homosexuals is a "national obsession" in Canada.

"I think a lot of the human rights material and also the substance of many cases in this country, that substance does seem to revolve around the 'homosex' business," Mullan observes. "And there have been many cases across the country," he adds, "both in institutional and provincial human rights tribunals, and also a number of cases going to provincial Supreme Courts and even to the Supreme Court of Canada."

Despite being punished by Cape Breton University officials, Professor Mullan says he does not intend to stop speaking his mind. The school's Faculty Association, which is recognized as a union, is filing a grievance on his behalf.


--Jim Brown, a regular contributor to AgapePress, is a reporter for American Family Radio News, which can be heard online.

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