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News Analysis

By David W. Virtue

Ted Mollegen, the 20/20 coordinator who will lead the hoped for
expansion of ECUSA in 2004, is upset at dissenting Episcopal and
Anglican brothers and sisters who opposed the recent election and
confirmation of Canon Gene Robinson as the next Bishop of New

In an Open Letter to the Dissenting American Bishops and Priests and to
the Anglican Primates, Mollegen asks them to reconsider what they are
contemplating and says he has the support of Holy Scripture to support
his contention.

This is what he says.

"My concern is solidly based in the bible. In the Council of Jerusalem,
the Church's leaders concluded that gentile believers did not need to
be circumcised. This decision overthrew a central part of the religious
practice inherited from Judaism. The reasoning behind the Church's
decision was that uncircumcised gentile believers were seen to be
exhibiting signs of the Holy Spirit. The situation with Canon Robinson
is quite comparable."

"In the New Hampshire Diocesan election, the duly elected leaders of
that diocese affirmed that they clearly saw signs of the Spirit in
Canon Robinson and his life and work, including his relationship with
his partner, Mark Andrew. General Convention looked carefully, saw the
same signs, and confirmed New Hampshire's choice. This is why this
autocephalous part of God's church has selected and confirmed Canon
Robinson to be New Hampshire's next bishop. This action is clearly a
break from the practice of the past, but it is also clearly not a break
with the faith. The action is fully based on the bible, as explained
further below."

Ted Mollegen does not understand Scripture and he does not know how to
interpret it.

First of all the Council of Jerusalem's concern over circumcision
(Acts. 15) was that the Judaizers said that circumcision was necessary
for salvation (which it is not), and Peter came down hard on such
thinking arguing that "He [God] made no distinction between us and
them, cleansing their hearts by faith. Two verses later he said, "but
we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in
the same way as they also are."

Mollegen says "the situation with canon Robinson is quite comparable."

Nonsense. It is not remotely comparable.

Circumcision and homosexuality are not even on the same page. Genesis
17 shows circumcision as firstly a spiritual and only secondarily a
national sign. It signified membership of the Israelite nation,
(homosexual proclivities indicate you need help) visited on the Hebrew
people following the exodus from Egypt. It was integrated into the
Mosaic system in connection with the Passover. It is a foundation
feature of NT Judaism, and occasioned the judaistic controversies of
the apostolic period. The Jews in the NT had so associated circumcision
with Moses that they had virtually forgotten its more fundamental
association with Abraham. Our Lord had to remind them that it antedated
Moses, and Paul is emphatic that it was the current understanding of
the Mosaic connection which was obnoxious to Christianity and he
constantly brings them back to Abraham.

Attempting to enforce circumcision repudiated the unmerited salvation
offered freely by, through and in Christ.

Homosexuality (all seven Biblical references) is repudiated in both Old
and New Testaments, with Paul in 1 Cor. 6:9 making it abundantly clear
that its practice alienated one from Christ's future Kingdom
"...neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate
nor homosexuals... shall inherit the Kingdom of God."

To put the elimination of circumcision in Acts 15 on a par with or the
brokering in of homosexual behavior is patently absurd, poor
interpretation and bad theology.

Mollegen writes: "The human authors of the bible did not know Christian
life-committed unions of same-sex partners. Many of you who are forming
divisive plans likewise do not have personal familiarity with Christian
life-committed same-sex couples. Those of us who do have such
familiarity can clearly see the signs of the Holy Spirit present in
many life-committed Christian same-sex couples, in much the same way
that those in many Christian heterosexual marriages show signs of the
Holy Spirit. You will see these signs too, if you will only stop and

Mollegen makes two fundamental errors here. He says "that the human
authors of the bible did not know Christian life-committed union of
same-sex partners."

First of all Scripture has a double authorship; it is God-breathed
words working through man. Both are necessary. "Human authors" did not
work apart from the Holy Ghost.

Secondly it is true that the authors didn't talk of or anticipate same-
sex unions, and what is more they wouldn't have approved if they did.
The prophets, priests and apostles would have gone back to the creation
ordinance of Genesis, and the mandate "male and female made He them..."
with the added proviso that God closed the sexual matrix and never re-
opened it. Secondly God's specific creation was heterosexual marriage
between a man and a woman both for purposes of fellowship and
procreation, the latter totally missing in homosexual activity.

The second Mollegen argument is pure ad hominum, "...you do not have
personal familiarity with Christian life-committed same-sex couples,"
he writes. Really.

How does Mollegen know that? This writer is personally and deeply
acquainted with such "committed same-sex relationships" and they are
morally bankrupt from first to last. My brother-in-law was in such a
"committed" relationship for 11 years and both he and his partner still
died of AIDS. Furthermore there is increasing and overwhelming evidence
that faithfulness is virtually non-existent in homosexual
relationships. It is presaged upon promiscuity with bath houses still
in operation and casual homo-erotic sex is re-emerging with greater
force with new statistics showing that bare-backing (non-condom sex)
returning full blast, facts duly noted by the Center for Disease
Control in Atlanta and ignored by ECUSA's ardent homosexualists.

Furthermore most American families know someone, usually a relative or
friend, or friend of a friend who is engaging in homoerotic behavior to
their detriment.

It is arrogant of Mr. Mollegen to suggest that orthodox bishops clergy
and laity don’t have familiarity with Christian life-committed same-sex
couples; so what if they did or didn’t, does that suddenly make it
right, because Mr. Mollegen thinks that knowledge of such relationships
automatically makes it right. This is a totally absurd argument and a
fatuous piece of ad hominum reasoning.

Mollegen then goes right over the top.

He writes: "For Church leaders to take action now in opposition to New
Hampshire's and General Convention's acts of discernment looks to me
very much like blasphemy against the Holy Spirit -- because the
competent authorities most familiar with the situation have found the
signs of the Holy Spirit to be present in Canon Robinson's life and

My God, if "competent authorities" suddenly agreed that we should all
sprinkle anthrax on our steaks, we should all do it?

Mr. Mollegen has turned truth completely on its head. It is BLASPHEMY
of Mollegen to turn Scripture upside down and distort its plain meaning
to suit the proclivities of a handful of whinny sodomites who are
demanding that the church accept their lethal behavior. No, the
blasphemy is being committed by Mollegen not the biblically orthodox in
ECUSA for daring to call a lie the truth and to say something is true
when it is a lie.

And what "signs of the Holy Spirit are present in Canon Robinson's
life?" That he was married, had two kids, then discovered he was gay,
divorced his wife, then meets and mates with his boyfriend Mark Andrew!
This is a "sign of the Holy Spirit"! What distorted perverted logic is
this. It is distorted and perverted because Scripture will have none of
it and neither will any of the world's religions or leading Christian

So by Mollegen's logic, the entire Roman Catholic Church, the Russian
Orthodox Church, 20 million Southern Baptists and more are "blaspheming
the Holy Ghost" because Ted Mollegen says so. This is beyond all human
logic and totally laughable.

Then Mollegen says that, "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was cited
by Jesus in three Gospels as an unforgivable sin. Likewise, in three
Gospels, he warns those who cause others to sin: "... It would be
better for him to if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he
were thrown into the sea." For the sake of your own souls -- and the
souls of those whom you lead -- I ask you the dissenting Episcopal and
Anglican brothers and sisters to reconsider what you are contemplating
as your response to the election and confirmation of Canon Gene
Robinson as the next Bishop of New Hampshire."

So here we see Mollegen, having turned truth on its head, he now
proceeds to use the very Scriptures that Jesus used against those who
would abuse children to support his sick logic.

He writes: "Jesus himself said nothing (that we know of) against
homosexual unions. However, he clearly spoke against dividing the
faithful. And he spoke severely against causing your followers to sin.
And he spoke quite strongly against judging others. I pray you, do not
let your cultural heritages and emotional responses lead you and your
followers astray -- please reconsider what you are about to do."

Jesus said nothing about homosexuality (though he may have done so
based on John 21:25) because it was not even on the radar screen of
contemporary or ancient Judaism. No one even considered homosexual
behavior a viable sexual option. Jesus reaffirmed marriage between a
man and woman as did the Apostle Paul who reaffirmed marriage as the
ONLY acceptable venue for sexual behavior.

Jesus also had nothing to say about bestiality or bisexuality, does Mr.
Mollegen think we should practice that?

Finally Mollegen cites Gamaliel "...If this plan or this undertaking is
of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to
overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!"

You are right Mr. Mollegen it will and it is failing. The Episcopal
Church is in a state of total chaos and breakdown with thousands
having left to join the AMIA and a new Episcopal structure is emerging
to challenge the revisionist and immoral powerbrokers who are daily
crucifying the ECUSA.

"I am already praying for you, and will continue to do so," writes
Mollegen. And we are praying for you Mr. Mollegen to repent for the
sake of your soul, which is in serious jeopardy of winding up in Hell.

Mr. Mollegen spearheads 20/20. He is a Member of the Episcopal Church
Executive Council, General Convention Deputy L-1 from Connecticut,
Founder/Convener of the Episcopal Network for Evangelism Former
Secretary, Episcopal Church 2020 Task Force


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